Is Halo 4 really A 5.5/10 Game?

"Is Halo 4 a non-polished, bug-infested mess that is almost unplayable and a 5.5 out of 10 game? Of course not, and it is also not the perfect 10 out 10 game that other reviews would have you believe either. So why are reviews so all over the map? Why is it that there seems to be only 3 categories to rate a game? Either a game is horrible, or it’s Meh, or THIS IS THE BEST GAME EVER, OMG!" -

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inf3cted13681d ago

The question is, is Halo 4 really a 2/10 game?

No, its not. More like an 8.5 / 9.5

StrongMan3681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )

To YOU it's an 8.5/9.5, even though you haven't played it, but to that guy that gave it a 5.5 then it's a 5.5 to HIM. It's all preference.

Halo 4 sits at an 87 on metacritic which says that the industry as a whole thinks it's the worst Halo game of them all.

Halo CE- 97
Halo 2- 95
Halo 3- 94
Halo: Reach- 91
Halo 4- 87

Besides, you guys always whine that COD is the same every time yet when reviewers point out that Halo is the same every time you guys whine and make excuses for Halo that you don't make for COD. Make up you mind, is more of the same good or bad?


Halo Wars was a real time strategy game and ODST was just a DLC for Halo 3 that MS decided to stick in the Halo 3 multi player and charged a full $60 price tag to. I only counted full Halo stand alone FPS games.

Snookies123681d ago

ODST and Wars? What about those? They're Halo games as well.

Forbidden_Darkness3681d ago

It doesn't matter if Halo Wars was a RTS game, it is still a game in the franchise and deserves to be recognized as such. As for ODST, since MS believed it to be worth the 60 dollar price tag, than it should also be counted as a game in the franchise (even if it wasn't 60 dollars). The only reason you didn't count either of those games is because you wanted to say Halo 4 was the lowest rated game in the Halo series.

I understand what you were going for with the whole COD vs. Halo argument, but I do believe despite your valid point, Halo also has improved more than COD has (obviously my opinion), besides ODST.

IAMERROR3681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )

But... HALO HAS CHANGED! Ask any Halo fan that was around every time they revealed new info. To say Halo hasn't changed is ignorant. Problem is some reviewers don't like what makes Halo, Halo. I'm not even going to get into detail since people would just say "IT'S HIS OPINION", no fucking shit and my opinion is that his opinion sucks. IMO LMAO

EVILDEAD3603681d ago

Have to get some shuteye, .but worth every second of the wait.

If Halo 4 is a 5.5 then the scale only goes up to 6..

Love it..bought Limited..Halo console arrives tommorow

Life is good


the_eddster3681d ago

It may be one of the worst but since when has 87 metacritic score been bad?

xursz3681d ago

Halo4 is the best game of existence. Stop hating.

SilentNegotiator3681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )

Really? You topped off your comment with "life is good"? Talk about trying way too hard.

Who said it was?

People, we're talking about one review that gave a middling score to the worst rated game in the main series. Quit being so sensitive. Believe it or not, there are a lot of people not impressed by the Halo series, especially the most recent installments, so a review like that is not surprising.

kickerz3681d ago

How would u know he hasn't played it yet? I've been playing it for hours already strongman??? I bet I could bench press more then u.. I give your comment 1/10 :P

Psychonaughty3681d ago

For me it's clearly the best Halo since Halo CE, at the very least it's better than Reach, it shows how broken Metacritic is really.

Oh_Yeah3681d ago

Imo Crysis > Halo. Crysis 3 is going to be amazing.

hellvaguy3681d ago

Halo 4 is a popular exclusive game. Obviously fanboys gunna log into metacritic that have never played it and rate it a 0/10 to mess with the average score.

ZeroX98763681d ago


mmmm your avatar speak for itself.....

another fanboy without bubbles, bashing someone else dear game.

you're complainning about a game that you don't own for a console you probably don't have either.

I'm a bigger playstation fan than a Xbox fan, but I can assure you that halo is a very good Competitive FPS. had a blast playing halo 3 back then.

Munky3681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )


basing how good a game by comparing it to previous games in a series is not totally accurate. that statement goes for all games reviewed in the past... games reviews are like everyone says, one persons opinion. the fact is gamers have evolved as well as the games we play, we have become a lot more demanding as the games have gotten better over time. IF game reviews were based on a uniform and standard rating scale then your statement is true, but it is not.

and your statement about the game not changing is just flat out wrong as well. go to the forums on halo waypoint and you will see that some actual fans of the series are very upset with the changes made in halo 4. some examples would be the fact that the grunts looked to "aggressive", or the fact that MC's armour seemed to be upgraded while he was in cryo sleep.

point being, that game reviews can't be trusted as a real indication of how good a game is, the fact is that a person reviewing a game should be giving an unbiased/professional review not a biased and downright unprofessional review. it should not have been allowed to be submitted. this would never happen on a respectable legit site for any other product, cars, movies, pc's... anything. respectable and trusted reviewers conduct themselves accordingly, with professionalism and integrity.

MrChow6663681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )

StrongMan - nice trolling I bet you havent played any of the halo games, you sorry tool.
Do you make your opinions based on metacritic? very clever dude, the ratings on that website are made by morons and the "professional" reviewers nowadays like to ride the trend of hating whats popular,

5,5???? are you serious? thats plain stupid

Neonridr3681d ago

since when was ODST not a Halo game? It has a full length campaign to play..

Muffins12233681d ago

Okay first of all,i just played halo 4 and omg this game is amazing,and reviews like these 5/10 are the things that are making it have a 8.8....and that's amazing. Assassins creed has a 8.5
Killzone 3 has a 84.....besides this is a xbox news,we can tell dont have a xbox.Halo is a amazing game.

Shepherd 2143681d ago

Is halo 4 a 5.5/10? Idk, was uncharted 3 a 4/10?

Its obvious halo 4 has very high quality and deserves high marks. Sometimes opinions suck ass and have no real substance. It was Hitlers opinion that Jews were the source of Germanys problems. It all comes down to preference tho, ya know?

StanLee3681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )

@ StrongMan

This is one situation where numbers lie. There are 60 positive reviews for Halo 4 and 3 negative reviews, one being absolutely ridiculous which brings the game's average down. Almost every reviewer has said this is the most polish, most full featured Halo game to date. You're clearly being a troll but I'll let you be. Dick!

darthv723681d ago

The amount of time between the first halo CE and now and the amount of new 'review sites' that have dramatically increased during that time.

obviously if there were some that intended to bring down a good game score they have found the way to do it.

Hell even gamer reviews for other games like halo or gear have been intentionally bad to bring the score down.

I am disgusted with the lack of professionalism in todays so called game reviewer. I dont have a problem with a real fact binding legit review. we are just getting more opinion now than actual real legit reviews.

I guess the days of respectable journalism really are gone for good. Its all about sensationalism now.

3681d ago
Ji99saw3681d ago

It really doesn't matter since Halo sales are going to ass rape every exclusive game this year and next. And Sony will still the Vita..... Oh yeah lol

Cherchez La Ghost3681d ago

ODST was a different story with all the map packs from Halo 3. That's why it was $60.

rockbottom30763681d ago

the fact that its rated the worst does not mean it is the worst. LEts be honest a lot of people out there have been tougher than normal on games in general. Plus theres a lot more opinions out there since gaming has become more mainstream. Lets not forget the people that are just trying to generate hits to websites too. A 5.5 is unplayable mess in most opinions, to say halo 4 is that is completely ridiculous. Even COD with linear campaigns,dumb AI, and short campaigns does not deserve a 5.5. Medal of Honor though, unfortunately has a case for 5.5.

ShinMaster3681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )

Not everyone likes Halo. Same with every other game. Mystery solved.

A 5 /10 for one person may be a 7 /10 for another and a 9 /10 for a fan.

People need to learn what opinions and different tastes are.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF3681d ago

Funny... Industry finds GT5 the worse Racing sim this generation as well.

extermin8or3681d ago

Reviews aren't supposed to be preferred but an unbiased look at the pro's and con's of a product in comparison to its rivals and then usually a score so you can rank it up against it's rival products on the market the games industry seems to struggle with...

pixelsword3681d ago

Said the same thing with Lair, Killzone, and Uncharted, and I'm saying it about Halo 4;

The Critics are murdering a good game.

Shepherd 2143680d ago

When a reviewer reviews a sequel like halo 4, he needs to review it based on if a halo fan would like it or not. What does it add to the franchise? What does it take out? How much content is there? Are the graphics better or the same as the last game? Would a halo fan appreciate the changes? What would a non halo fan think?

No one gave counterstrike go shit for just making minor tweaks to the 13 year old formula, because everyone knew cs fans would appreciate GO regardless.

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Thatguy-3103681d ago

Recently review scores have really been going out of proportion. These last few games that have released have suffered from it. If the reviewer doesn't like the game he forgets about the numbers that go in between 5 and 9. Its either 9+ or 5-. It's ridiculous that they try to make a point by implementing such a low score when it lacks substance to back it up.

Revolver_X_3681d ago

Exactly. The fanboys of any console or game are to blame. These journalists do this for hits and attention. We should have outrage at every BS review or none at all. Be unified for once and quit showing blind loyalty to a bunch of suits. H4 gets a 5.5 and Xbox users get outraged. Where were you when Jim Sterling was ransacking RE6's metacritic by giving it a 3/10. You know what the sum of his review was? He sucked at the QTE's which are god awful easy, so he said the mechanics were broken. Egocentricism at its best. I lack skill, therefore it must be the games fault. The GS review amounted to the same. Mechanics suck cuz I couldnt get the QTE's right, I felt cheated. Since when did dying in a game become poor game design?

The point is, either be unanimous or Shut Up about it. The gaming community did this. Where did you think this stupid PS3 vs Xbox war would go. Clearly neither console suffers in sales, so now its the games that get low balled as to somehow drive a point home, or just to sensationalize in general. A site like Destructoid can low ball a game then turn around and give your favorite game a great score, and its like all is forgiven. Its madness. Get it together people. Remember before the internet when videogames were alot of times an impulse buy. Play games that look cool to you, and F*** the rest. This over analysis is getting ridiculous. Unless you own stock for a company, screw the numbers. What does the sales matter to you? In the end, the consumer drives an industry. We are the reason it is this way. STOP IT.

/End rant

Insomnia_843681d ago

I've played Halo before at a friend's house, campaign and mp, nothing special really. I also played Gears and that one actually makes me consider getting a 360 now that is dirt cheap. My friend on the other hand, bought a PS3 after playing Killzone 2 and God Of War 3 at my place.

Insomnia_843681d ago

So, the disagrees are because of my preferences or my friend's???
lol some people.

Veneno3681d ago

I talked to your friend and he confirmed that everything you said is untrue or a stretch of the truth.

xursz3681d ago

You got disagrees because you don't like HALO!

Cerv-Clash3681d ago

It's the fanboys. unless you give their game 10/10 then they'll hate you.

Insomnia_843681d ago

LOL! See? I never said I didn't like it, It was fun like many other FPS games but IN MY OPINION not a game that would make me buy a system. I had as much fun with Halo as I'm having now with MoHW. Both games have had mixed reviews, to me MoHW is definitely not a 5/10, more like an 8/10 and if Halo 4 is still as fun as Halo 3 then I would give it an 8/10 also.

xursz3681d ago

Well if you didn't enjoy HALO as much as i do, maybe your doing it wrong? I get that people think this could be the worst of the series but it doesn't make it any less of a good game!

Insomnia_843681d ago

"Well if you didn't enjoy HALO as much as i do, maybe your doing it wrong?"

WHAT?? so because if I don't enjoy a game as much as you or anybody else...... I'M DOING IT WRONG??


You have to be a kid to think such a thing.

spicelicka3681d ago

And you're exactly the problem!! People like you think u have already made the perfect judgement of halo by playing it a couple of times at a friends house. This is what halo fans are always trying to tell u people that halo is impossible to love without giving it sufficient time and understanding it's pillars. Its not a scripted eye candy game that can impress u in 5 minutes.

And to all the people agreeing with 5.5 and bullshitting about the guys opinion, I can guarantee you 99% haven't finished the game or are total trolls. It's so transparent to me, u idiots have a certain jealousy towards halo but u know u don't wanna like it, so as soon as u see a shitty review u find an excuse to justify your hatred, because if all halos got all 10s it would make u green with envy. So u go on every bad review saying "o u haven't played the game, u fanboys always wanna defend halo, o it's the guys opinion, o it had an xx on metacritoc oo it's the worst game on the series".

You idiots know it's true and I can guarantee it cuz I used to think like u when I was younger and more immature. You ppl are pathetic!!

MrChow6663681d ago

those games are good, I have them & beat them but no way I would play them over halo and gears specially for multiplayer, gow3 u beat a couple times and thats it, KZ looks good and all but the gameplay is clunky, sorry man halo just plays 10000s times better, theres no fps that I know on the ps3 that can beat halo gameplay wise

indubitably3681d ago

My friend bought an xbox after playing Halo, and I promise you, my story is more common.

XeNoStRatoS3681d ago

Probably PS3 fanboys votet you down for getting a 360 and 360 faboys voted you down because your friend got PS3. Crazy world, don´t give a shit on opinion of others - the only way to get along.

emartini3681d ago

Fully agree. Halo campaigns never did anything for me. The multiplayer is alot of fun on the other hand. I spend most my time on 360 due to being able to talk to friends in parties and xbox live but when a sony exclusive comes out like Uncharted or God of War i play the crap out of them.

Aloren3681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )

You got disagrees cause you come on a Halo 4 news and hint that gow3 and kz2 are so much better than 360 exclusives that people go buy ps3s when they already have a 360. You can't seriously expect people not to think this is trolling ? Cause no matter how you meant it, that's how it sounds, esp here on n4g.

It's just like saying I tried gt5 at my friends house. It was nothing special. Then he tried Forza on my 360 and bought one the next day.

Actually, you sound just like a pepsi vs coke commercial.

And note that you absolutely didn't need to mention whatever your friend thought about god of war or killzone, you just couldn't resist to spice things up a little bit ;)

3681d ago
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morkendo233681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )

So why are reviews so all over the map? Why is it that there seems to be only 3 categories to rate a game? Either a game is horrible, or it’s Meh, or THIS IS THE BEST GAME EVER, OMG!"

i believe JOURNALIST is being paid to lie for MS to say "THIS IS THE BEST GAME EVER".= sales
or if a gamer honestly say "it is horrible" you get boo's and called a TROLL by MS fanboys.

MrChow6663681d ago

how can you know that? have you played the game?
couldnt it be that some attention seeking ""journalists"& quot; are bashing the game out of proportion as its common recently???
noooooo, you SONY FANBOY prefer to belive that the game MUST be sooo sucky that it deserves a ridiculous 5.5 thats even lower than cooking mamma, are you damn serious????

Count3680d ago

By your logic, pretty much every game's reviews has been paid off by somebody.

Your argument is that Halo 4 reviews have been largely paid off by Microsoft simply because its reviews are slightly erratic. Which is a symptom that A LOT of games' reviews have. I don't think that I saw you whining about those ones though.

Countless games, countless movies, tv shows, discographies have multiple reviews of which can and do diverge from one another. This does not mean that they're paid off SOMEHOW.

People are different. They have different opinions. They do not always agree with each other, and this is what leads to diverging scores.

''reviews all over the map''? What are you talking about? The score of Halo 4 is consistently high. It's at 88%, not at 50% with like a see-saw reviewer battle to see whether it gets 49% or 51%.

Most of the reviewers have given it a good score. And I find it hard to believe that like 70% of the reviewers have been ''paid off'' and the minority is somehow right, without any solid evidence to back that up.

I am not saying that reviewers don't get paid off. It's something that can happen and does happen. But it can happen with anything that has reviews. The review/s of any game on any console could have been bought off.

That's why you need solid evidence. Because it's not something that is easily determined. It's certainly not something that you can easily determine by just looking at the scores of something.

Perjoss3681d ago

Best way to find out if its a 5.5 game? Buy Halo 4, play it and find out for yourself.

zgoldenlionz3681d ago

Better yet rent the game if you are unsure.

SilentNegotiator3681d ago

"Is Halo 4 a non-polished, bug-infested mess that is almost unplayable and a 5.5 out of 10 game?"

.....who the heck said that a 5.5 meant "almost unplayable"? Sheesh, gamers/publishers get more stupid every day about how a 10 point system works. They act like you can't use the lower 7 points of the system without being some sort of troll.

MRMagoo1233681d ago

exactly like i have said the other day the only way to end all this crap is to remove scores from reviews , all they have to say in a review is pros cons and if you liked this you will also like this suggestions like how it used to be.

Monstar3681d ago

yeah, your opinion. lol

Persistantthug3681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )

That's a good score.

slixshot3681d ago

Here's my take: FUCK METACRITIC.

Blacktric3681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )

Oh sweet lord...

One guy gives a 5.5 out of 10 to Halo 4.

Some guy writes and article about it and titles: "Is Halo 4 really A 5.5/10 Game?", essentially reviewing a review.

"Gaming journalism" is dead as sh*t confirmed...

You can get your free Doritos and Mountain Dew at the exit from Geoff Keighley.

fermcr3681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )

Every reviewer has there opinion and we must respect it, but... I have seen a Halo 4 review at 2 of 10. That's a joke. A game that gets a 2 is complete garbage and nearly unplayable. A reviewer that gives 2 to Halo 4 shouldn't be reviewing anything. He has no idea what he's doing.

I blame this on Metacritic because they accept reviews from any crap site there is.

3681d ago
showtimefolks3681d ago

peope always get up in arms about review scores its just one person's opinion. From what i have seen Halo 4 is an excellent game and more like 8.5-9/10.

but will you enjoyment be less because someone gave it a 5.5/10? no right so forget the scores enjoy it

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LOGICWINS3681d ago

"Is Halo 4 really A 5.5/10 Game?"

It might a certain person.

LOGICWINS3681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )

Reviews are a tricky subject.

It's nearly impossible to get an objective review for a game like Halo 4 because most serious console gamers have been exposed to the franchise in some form or another...therefore having a positive/negative opinion on it.

A 5.5/10 review from a person that has never liked the franchise would be highly biased. On the flip side, a hardcore Halo fanboy that goes to sleep with a Master Chief plush doll every night that gives Halo 4 an 11/10 would be equally as biased.

Seems like the closest thing to getting an objective review would be to find someone within the deepest recesses of console gaming who has never played a Halo game, thus having no predetermined opinion on it.

Then again, maybe this person has a bias towards first person shooters.

As I said, reviews are VERY tricky. I guess we're just supposed to assume that MOST gamers tend to agree on the same things...just as most people agree on the same things(Angelina Jolie is attractive, the gap between the rich and the poor is TOO wide).

I LOVED playing Halo 1 as a kid, and this was before I knew about Gamestop, IGN or any review sites for that matter. Afterwards, I realized that these sites existed and found out that virtually everyone else also loved the game.

So I guess in a way, reviews aren't so tricky, since when theres a general consensus on a game, I almost always agree with it.

Monstar3681d ago

Or is tired of the same gameplay formula with little to no risks taken? Stop being so defensive and learn to understand different tastes and opinions..the sooner you accept this, the less hate and destructability you will create towards yourself.

ape0073681d ago

hate and destructibility LOL take it easy man

bunfighterii3681d ago


Sir, I am that person from the deepest recesses of the console gaming world who has never played a Halo game (because I've never owned an Xbox).

Form what I hear though, all Halo games are awesome (except ODST) so I'd be happy to review if someone would kindly lend me an Xbox and a copy of the game.

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ginsunuva3681d ago

Exactly. One man's 5/10 = another man's 7/10. Scales can be different.

rbailey3681d ago

Every gamer has their own opinion as to whether a game is worth a certain score or not. Obviously someone who isn't a fan of Halo won't love Halo 4. that should be common sense to the average person lol

Trekster_Gamer3681d ago

"Obviously someone who isn't a fan of Halo won't love Halo 4"
really? So you have to be a halo fan to love halo 4? lame..

hellvaguy3681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )

"So you have to be a halo fan to love halo 4? lame"

Pretty sure you totally misinterpreted that in every way possible. What was meant was that if you don't like the style of game Halo is (sci-fi fps), your not going to magically love Halo 4 because it somehow transformed itself into a sports strategy game.

Every sequel it very similar to the original but with some tweaking to gameplay, graphics, and the storyline.

3681d ago Replies(2)
Omnislash3681d ago

I think that if the game is no different than the rest and doesnt improve on what it does then yes it is a 5.5 game. As a gamer I want something new from the games that I play, which is why I dont buy Call of Duty or Madden every year, those games deserve bad scores.