Idiot Thief Robs Game Store, Makes Away With Broken PS3 Controller (PICS)

Security camera photos of an idiotic store robber ignoring all the awesome rare video games and items on the shelves, and going straight for a broken store demo PlayStation 3 controller.

Robber gets away with the broken PlayStation 3 controller but forgets to take his dignity.

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Bill Gates5587d ago

This must have been a jealous BABOON who doesn't want the PS3 to continue selling so well.....AHAHHAHAHHAHHA

InYourMom5587d ago

Represents the intelligence level of Mr. Bill Gates above me and the typical droid..

j/k... Well not about the Bill Gates part

Skerj5587d ago

I can't wrap my head around this one. why didn't he just grab the the ones on the shelf?

blu3print5587d ago

That was his controller that they had that they were suppose to fix, the man just wanted what was his :)

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