PlayStation Store Preview – November 6th, 2012

The PS Vita has been jam-packed with new releases over the last few weeks, Sony’s handheld only has the cross-buy When Vikings Attack!. But fret not, next week the Vita makes a comeback with Black Ops II: Declassified. Instead, focus your attention on this week’s PS3 releases, which includes LittleBigPlanet Karting and more.

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ftwrthtx3789d ago

Another decent week for the PSN

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Xof3788d ago

Another decent week?

Last week was the -best- PSN update all year. Last Tuesday was the biggest game release day, period. AC3, ZOE, Okami, Ragnarok, etc., etc.

So much awesome, all at once.


Tomorrow's is nice, but it pales in comparison.


And, of course, the Vita update is just as awful as ever. Sony's little handheld would probably be doing insanely well if Sony, you know, actually TRIED. It's like they think their hardware will sell itself (hint: it won't).

You'd think they'd have learned that lesson after the PS3. Or the PSP. But apparently not.

profgerbik3788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

I don't need a commercial to point out how good something is.

Am I supposed to blame Sony because others are stupid enough that is what they need, a commercial to tell them what to buy?

Sony has been advertising all over the place, just not heavily on TV. in the PS Vita Forum there is a entire thread dedicated to all the ad's Sony has put out lately.

It isn't Sony's fault everyone is so obsessed with smart phones and tablets that they could careless about gaming systems anymore.

Everyone is hurting because of this, even Microsoft Windows 8 is proof of this hideous change in times.

Fucking tablet OS... directly taken from their stupid ass smart phones.. What a coincidence.

jd6663788d ago

It'd be better if they added more than the usual 4 game trailers that have already been on youtube

Sev3789d ago

I thought it was dead months ago? Wouldn't it be rotting at this point?

doctorstrange3789d ago

The smell is most offputting

Blacktric3789d ago

7k monthly sales in Japan.

Guess it's time to stop with all the sarcasm...

DivineAssault 3788d ago

not the best week but not the worst for content.. Dont listen to jealous haters about vita.. Who gives a damn how much it sells n who buys it as long as u enjoy it.. 3DS may sell like crazy but the only software that compliments those sales are 1st party..

20+ million 3DS systems out there but 3rd party titles in the west cant even reach 1 million..Monster hunter is prolly the only 3rd party game that sells on it & its not out over here so it doesnt matter... Everyone i ever see buying or playing 3DS out here in the states are kids.. I myself own one because i bought it at launch & upgraded to the XL when that came around but it changed nothing.. I dont ever play it & im thinking of selling it to be honest.. It has bare bones features & just doesnt have anything appealing.. Catlevania looks promising on it but im not too sure how that will end up

slapedurmomsace3788d ago

@ divine, it's important for the Vita to pick up sales soon, because the software will dry up completely. No one is going to make a game for a system no one owns

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xursz3789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

So charge it! Sheesh, people go online to complain about anything these days..

Sev3789d ago

Aha! So that RE5 Gold Edition WAS free like they teased in the new PS Store teaser pics. Sony was all like "nah, that's just a mock up".

dbjj120883789d ago

So excited! Is it any good with Move?

Vanfernal3789d ago

I found the game to be much mor enjoyable with the Move. Sniping monsters with the revolver is awesome!

BLAKHOODe3788d ago

I didn't know it was compatible with the Move. I'll definitely check that out. Last week, I was considering getting rid of my Move controllers.

crunchychocobo3789d ago

Oooh discount for When Vikings Attack. I'm intrigued.

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