New Dragonball Online Trailer

A new trailer for the upcoming PC and Xbox 360 MMO game 'Dragonball Online' has been released.

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BubblesDAVERAGE4610d ago

I dont know how 360 secured this as an exclusive..i will be getting this mmo for my pc

PS360WII4610d ago

MMO's are great on PC for sure

PS360WII4610d ago

Very cool this game could be awesome

dachiefsman4610d ago

i think it has potential...but I can already see 10,000 vegeta, gohan, and goku clones walking around.....

hopefully there will be a trial option...cause I definitely will try it out!

FirstknighT4609d ago (Edited 4609d ago )

Yeah I think that's what happen with the Marvel MMO. To many people would want to be like Wolverine and they couldn't find a way to fix that. I think the only thing to do that is to create your own Saiyan and maybe the best player with the most xp or whatever can be Gohan or Vegeta or Goku.

I always liked the Dragon Ball Universe so I'll keep an eye out for this one.

gta_cb4609d ago

to this game!

this game has so much potential, and if they don't screw it up could be like WoW with millions of users playing it =D i will definitely pick this up so dont let us down =)

gamesR4fun4609d ago

ya hard to tell what it looks like poor qual on the vid and didnt look like any ingame footage.
Still could b very cool.

TitanUp4609d ago

how come this wont be on ps3?

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The story is too old to be commented.