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M337ING5211d ago

Is this a first in America?

techie5211d ago

Uh I think the bigger news is that the PS3 outsold the DS!

IntelligentAj5211d ago

I hope this is wrong because if it isn't then there's going to be alot of pissed off 360 fanboys!!! Also I thought the PS3 wasn't supposed to outsell the 360 in America. This is great news for Sony though.

cmrbe5211d ago

Whooo!!. Finally. Freaking hell. I am shocked indeed.

sonarus5211d ago (Edited 5211d ago )

this expalains why msoft quickly went with the supply constrain explanation. I didnt even think this was possible till the release of mgs4. So looks like ps3 outsold 360 by way more than 40,000 units for the month of january. They even did better than expected. Next months another month lets see how long they can sqeeuze the lead

Title Actual units Expected units % From Expected
Nintendo Wii 274,000 396,900 -30.96%
Nintendo DS 251,000 483,700 -48.11%
Xbox 360 230,000 288,600 -20.30%
PlayStation Portable 230,000 233,000 -1.29%
PLAYSTATION 3 269,000 209,300 +28.52%
Total Hardware Units 1,227,000 1,611,500 -23.86%

5211d ago
Sony Soldiers5211d ago

"Supply issues, Microsoft? At this stage in the game for you? I call BS. That's pretty freaking hilarious the PS3 outsold it. I'm not surprised either. Every store I go to either has no PS3's on the shelf or just one left."

Greysturm5211d ago

Imagine if this is supposed to be th territory that balanced the advantage of the ps3 on europe and japan.

season0075211d ago

How much overestimate for xbox360 and underestimate for PS3 by VGC?

crazy, i've never thought that this day would come so early in America, one month or not...

and btw, if there were a so-called shortages...we can see this ridiculously already over-priced get an even high price-tag on ebay...but apparantly there is not any sign of Shortages...

(heck, any friend of you claimed that they couldn't get a xbox360 in january? let me know and i point out 10+places for him to get one)

Martini5211d ago (Edited 5211d ago )

Good for Sony - Microsoft needs this kick in the ass and drop the price of 360 and get us a better deal on xbox Live :). MS will soon respond with a price drop as it seems that the 360 market at it's current price is becoming saturated and needs a price drop ASAP.
MS is still dominating the software charts and that's where the money are made :)

beoulve5211d ago

I think Microsoft saw this coming, and they just simply find an easy excuse. Since there is no shortage on Pro and Arcade, they just blame it on Elite. Nice try.

beoulve5211d ago

This just in on private SCEA channel.

SCEA announced they too have a shortage. Consumer are send home unhappy when they couldn't find 60gb on the market. According to SCEA, If no shortage of 60gb and along with 40gb and 80gb, Sony will even beat Wii. In another word, blame the shortage. LOL

antoinetm5211d ago

let the PS3wnage begin!

shine13965211d ago

but...but...but...VG charts said....
unless of course shortages only happened in the US. Oh I don't know...the news is that PS3 kicked some serious 360 ass. I suppose they could have run out, but then Vg charts didn't report nor did Microsoft until a couple of hours ago...actually no one in the entire industry did. I suppose this gives credit to nintendo and their wii more then anything. npd or no npd their stocks are a running low, day in day out.

Xeikon5211d ago

This thread is getting bookmarked for use next month.

hazeblaze5211d ago

Wow, so the VG Charts numbers seem to have been WAAAY off then. Well, if this month's vg charts numbers can be trusted, then MS may have corrected things in Feb... Either way, this is AWESOME news for Sony, and if they can keep up the momentum then they will be recognized as the brand leader even with Nintendo's massive lead! Just b/c the Wii still does not really compete with the PS3 or 360 when it comes to games.

travelguy2k5211d ago (Edited 5211d ago )

to have supply contraints when they sold almost 60,000 LESS than expected.

Maybe the problem was there were not enough BUYERS cause i think there were plenty of consoles.

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CrazzyMan5211d ago (Edited 5211d ago )

I mean, we all knew, that this will happen some month this year, BUT in January?!
Wow, Just Wow.
PS3 domination over x360 WW CONFIRMED. PS3 FTW! =)

season0075211d ago

this come way earlier thay expected by anyone tho...

IF any analyst actually did say PS3 is outselling xbox360 earlier, i would think he is the man..

achira5211d ago

wow, awesome. i hope it stays so. ps3 is the better console, the americans have grasp it at least for one month. go ps3!

Darkiewonder5211d ago

Software side. Ps3 owners needs to pick up on buying more games ;o

boodybandit5211d ago

every month. I don't think it's going to slow down any time soon. Just look at COD4 this past month on both systems and figure in the user base for both consoles. COD4 on the 360 is selling at slightly more than 2 to 1 but the 360 user base is (I am guessing. I'm sure one of you guys probably know the actual numbers because I don't pay that much attention to them) is probably closer to 3 to 1.

Break that down and this past month COD4 is selling as good as if not better on the PS3 compared to the 360. So PS3 owners are buying games "now".

Fat Bastard5211d ago

There are roughly 17 million 360's that have been sold and near 11 million PS3's that have been sold (in total). So the install base isn't 3:1, it's almost 1.5:1. I own 13 games, but not everyone with a PS3 is a big gamer dude, so the software sales aren't as good.

boodybandit5211d ago (Edited 5211d ago )

I am referring to the U.S. only because that is where these NPD numbers are from.

You have more games for the PS3 then I do for the PS3 and 360 combined. I usually sell my games on eBay after I am finished / bored with them or know I most likely wont play them again. The only games I keep are games I never grow tired of. I have played roughly 100 titles between the 2 consoles. Most of them on the 360 but lately I have been purchasing games for both.

COD4, Burnout Paradise and Devil May Cry I got for both systems. I know. I'm looney.

DRUDOG5211d ago

I've bought 17 so I guess I'm doing my little part :P

Seriously, there isn't any excuse to not buy games for the PS3 cause they've got something for everyone. The NPD numbers don't surprise me because it's been slowly building to this point. The PS2 surprises me, cause it just keeps kicking ass.

The PS3 trend will continue because of the exclusives and third party games like DMC4/GTA4 that PS2 owners will migrate towards. The classic exclusives like GT, MGS and FF will attract both the PS2 owners and 360 owners fed-up with their boxes' problems. Already had two friends make the switch in the last few days and it's only a matter of time before the 360 exodus begins. Face it, most 360 owners are "hardcore" gamers and if the games are on PS3 this year a lot of those guys and gals will be picking one up even without the RRod, DRM issues or the death of HD-DVD.

INehalemEXI5211d ago (Edited 5211d ago )

Must of been the ps2 owners who where dmc fans getting ready for dmc4. :D

If it be true , GTA4 will move alot of the PS2 flock to PS3 in march/april. March will probably be huge for psp too, due to FF7:Crisis Core and God of War CoO:w/nekkid faux bigguns as seen on GT trailer. O.O

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cloud360-13th_acount5211d ago (Edited 5211d ago )

Microsft knew this all the time. Plaese for this part use you common sense

days before MS "we are gettign shortages for 360"

please use your common sense here

PS3 is getting momentum

Allah/GOD i love you

cloud360-13th_acount5211d ago

hooray for MS after 2 years they finnaly get shortages

/watever u think am doing

jwatt5211d ago

360 getting shortages? Was it too many 360's shipped to japan. I really find it hard to believe they've had shortages.

Electricear5210d ago

I mean shortages at under 300,000 consoles is ridiculous. This would mean all Microsoft's existing warehouse stock would have all had to have been depleted, and they didn't produce any new stock in the past few months for figures so low to possibly deplete the supply's. If the number of consoles sold were 2-3 times what they are, then I could potentially accept that there was a shortage, but there is nothing in the 360 that could be in such short demand that they couldn't get the supplies. The only other possibility is they had so many RRoD last month that they had to devote all the new stock to replacing peoples dead consoles, but I some how doubt thats the case.