Halo 4 Imminent. Please Watch The Following Before Proceeding…

Game Insider: "Seeing the Halo universe from the eyes of a cadet provides insight into a part of the Halo universe we rarely see: a glimpse into the lives of your everyday, non super-soldier type soldier. It also provides perspective on humanity’s sheer vulnerability to the technology of the Covenant."

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Kevinote2173d ago

I'll admit, it was nice to see the chief in action. And the Elites look terrifying, the film imbuing them with a predator-esque feel.

Kevinote2173d ago

I still remember the first live-action promo for Halo...they've come a long way since.

DarkFireHawk2173d ago

Yeah, at first I wasn't expecting much, but they managed to save themselves.

Kevinote2173d ago

I feared a copious amount of cheesiness and was, instead, pleasantly surprised. It's connection to Halo 4 through Lasky is a definite plus.