EU PlayStation Plus Your November Content

Chris Howe – PS Store and Plus Content Manager, SCEE -

With the winter nights starting to roll in surely there is no better way to lift the gloom than spending some time with your PS3 and some great new content for the month. I hope that you’ll agree that we have tried to include something for everyone including a blockbuster title from EA, an extremely addictive fast paced puzzle game and a wonderful platformer from our friends at Insomniac Games.

Countries: AE, AU, GB, IE, NZ

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-Mika-2267d ago

OMG europe be getting all the good games.

Adva2267d ago

2 Full PS3 games, 1 PSN game.

Prediction about NA: 1 PS3 game, 2 PSN games.

Want more PSN games? Go for NA PS+. Want more Full PS3 games? Go for EU PS+.

taco_tom2372267d ago

i got both so i never miss anything ^_^

GamingManiac2267d ago

They're removing games... That kinda sucks.

buddymagoo2267d ago

I was gutted to see they removed Red Dead redemption ut I understand why. It's for people like me who are reluctant to make the leap. I will now though because I don't want to miss any more games.

GribbleGrunger2267d ago

Seriously, don't you people listen to Sony at all? 12 games and 3 get replaced every month. That's what you sign up for with Plus.

Emilio_Estevez2267d ago

It's always been that way, they only stay up for a certain amount of time. On the Us store there is a section call something along the lines of last chance.

GamingManiac2266d ago

Will I not be able to play the games after they're taken off of the store? That's my only concern...

BitbyDeath2267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

If you don't have the bandwidth just add the game to your queue and it'll save to your downloaded list so you can grab it at anytime.

Emilio_Estevez2266d ago

You can still play them after they are removed. You would have to have already downloaded them of course.

GamingManiac2266d ago

Guess it's not a big deal then :D

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Iceman X2267d ago

??? you do realise that 1 of these game the US has had since E3. And as far as removing games you get them while thier free it's always been that way. Check the store every week.