Moore outlines Microsoft's 100m Xbox vision

The X06 line-up might have impressed the games industry, but Xbox boss Peter Moore has conceded that Microsoft must work harder to attract new gamers if it is to match arch rival Sony and "hit 100 million".
And, speaking to in Barcelona earlier this week, Moore revealed that Microsoft is already working on peripheral-based software that it believes can match the market-broadening success of titles like SingStar and Guitar Hero.

"We recognise that what we call the 'Family Funster' stuff, if it's a category, is something we need to do better on," admitted Moore.

"With Viva Pinata there's this interesting concept of building an animated series – this is Microsoft doing children's television. If we'd said two years ago we'll have stuff for 8-12 year olds on Xbox Live I'm sure you'd have given me a slightly puzzled look. But I recognise that and we are doing a lot of stuff, we're just not ready to announce it yet."

Asked whether this meant Microsoft is currently working on its answer to the likes of SingStar and Buzz, Moore confirmed: "Oh yeah. And it's more than just games. Buzz, Singstar, Guitar Hero – there are peripherals and stuff of that nature. Things that in some instances take the controller away and give you things you feel more comfortable with."

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Marty83705904d ago

Microsoft X360 will never sell 100 million,they can't even sell 100k in Jap with no competition.

TheXgamerLive5903d ago (Edited 5903d ago )

problem is sony. I really hope your console makes it, then you can be proud of being a ps3 fan, but it doesn't look very good.
I think sony will come close to going bankrupt with an almost failed attempt on the ps3. So very much bad/horrid publicity for a system that isn't even being built yet, not even in production yet and it's already looking grim.
Sony has already been caught in so many lies over it's release and so called potential power, but the only thing it seems to continue to do is bottleneck on demo's even at the most recent show.

Blu ray....this was another bad idea w/HD-DVD doing it better and for less money too. It's like sony wants to waste consumers money. The ps3 B-R would be 1x but do to it being super slow it's been upped to 2x, which is still very slow, also you'll see and hear of B-R's breaking down often at first, too bad sony went this route just to push it's players and movie format. It's not needed in gaming at all yet and to add so much extra and wasted content just to overfill a DVD is rediculous.
You pay for sony's mistakes by spending $600.00 for a console, this too is a big joke, but they'll lie and try to make so many little minds think it's a good thing. I want to play games not watch movies on my gaming system, that's what DVD players are for, not to wear out a console. Blu Ray is a joke a big joke, atleast MS is offering it as an option so you wont wear out your gaming HD player.
I don't see production for the cell getting better either, terrible yields has caused a slow down and even a delayed launch twice already, and I'd not be surprised if the ps3 doesn't come out in november either. Which by the way is next month you know. The system has so many faults, from overheating, bottlenecking, underpowred RSX, freeze framing, slow loads, slower CPU's through yields, I mean it's not looking good for sony.
Sony's even loosing so many developers by the week, exclusives seem to becoming a thing of the past for sony, I don't know if they can still salvage there relationships anymore. Hanging developers out to dry like they did is a bad thing. Making a game with no dev.kit to use just doesn't happen for long, thus sony losing so many exclusives to Microsoft and the XBOX 360. And, not just losing exclusives but in many cases there just losing the games themselves, having them go to the XBOX 360.
Yes, sony has an uphill battle before them, not to bash sony, b/c they've already bashed themselves. Bad too.
The Wii is a good machine w/a very low cost and low overhead. It will make alot of people happy. The XBOX 360 will continue to rain supreme as it's soring above in so many way's. MS is doing all the right things it needs to do to continue this by working with new gamers/desingners with there new software, as well as helping developers to make a better game.

In responce to MS selling over 100 million XBOX 360's, well that's a tall order but there curently the only console that's on track to do it and do it right too.

Optimus Prime5904d ago

i am glad you care this much about the xbox 360.

highps35904d ago

They should focus on 10 million first... lol!

Deceased5904d ago

They will get 10 million no worries, I predict 50-60,000,000 units sold worl-wide at the end of its lifespan which is probably the same amount the PS3 will sell.