Rumor: GTA V First in-Game Screen & Pre-Order Details Leaked

The GTA V first in-game screen and pre-order details have been leaked.

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LOGICWINS2177d ago

The pic on the lower left looks like something out of Just Cause 2. Amazing!

MikeMyers2177d ago

This is what 100 million dollars can do. Expect another colossal game next year. The question is, does Rockstar wait until new hardware arrives or sell it to an already established fan base or both?

Pintheshadows2177d ago

It got officially announced for 360 and PS3 a few days ago so there is your answer.

HammadTheBeast2177d ago

Hopefully not. GTA never will and shouldn't become a yearly franchise. The quality in the final game can only be produced through 3-4 years of dev time.

crimsonfox2177d ago

Where you been at broski? They announced the platforms already.
On topic
The detail on that sky diving picture IS insane i cant wait to drive a lady of the night up a very high very steep cliff/mountain and throw her ass all the way down via headshot!

pixelsword2177d ago

I'll wait and see; I never like the stories enough to finish the game.

I don't find criminals that appealing, I guess.

irepbtown2177d ago

Amazing pictures.

As for Platforms, I think they've kept PC version quite because they're doing something special with it. Instead of porting, they're most likely working from ground up.

I cant wait!!!!!!!!

AfricanGamer9ja2176d ago

@MikeMyers living under a rock i see!

MikeMyers2176d ago (Edited 2176d ago )

I was more or less talking about holding the game off until the new Playstation and Xbox arrive but still release it on current hardware. That way they can double dip. Anyways I deserved all the disagrees since what I said wasn't accurate or come out accurate.

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Jinkies2177d ago (Edited 2177d ago )

Lets not forget Just Cause 2 aswell was massive, hopefully GTAV is nearly the same in size

I wonder since it's apparently so big there will be other cities, when GTA SA was announced it was only 2/3 months before release that they then showed off the other two cities in the game, San Ferrio and Las Venturas, it would be a little weird for the map to be so as they say and yet only feature Los Santos as the only city, there was bridges sported in screenshots so it's possible

Does anyone think this will have a good collectors edition, GTA4s wasn't as good as I thought it would be. I wonder what would be included...

crimsonfox2177d ago

I actually really liked the collectors edition and still use the R* Bag to get my drum sticks around, hopefully this one for GTA V has a statue though I love my Max Payne one.

Jinkies2177d ago

I think we've had enough statues to be honest, I want something really cool and unqiue.

jd6662177d ago

It won't be anywhere near the size of JC2

NnT32912177d ago

JC 2 was massive but it looked the same everywhere. In GTA, you can tell exactly where you are

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Cam9772177d ago (Edited 2177d ago )

Oh sweet Jesus... That image in the lower-left corner looks FANTASTIC! Why, oh why do my exams have to be in the same period this game releases in? Game of forever.
That poster is wonderful too, I can imagine it just above my TV. With posters in mind, I wonder how the default/free poster of GTA:V will look.

'This is an exciting time for us here at Rockstar Games as we have just released the second trailer for Grand Theft Auto: V'

Does this imply an imminent release of trailer 2? Let's wait and see...

crimsonfox2177d ago

Holy smokes i just realized the chick is wearing a LOVE FIST shirt!!!

irepbtown2177d ago

Holy smokes he's got a parachute.

PinkFunk2176d ago

Holy smokes, he... um, whatever f*** you.


Matpan2176d ago

And I disagree even more with the higher resolution one! Preposterous!!

abzdine2177d ago

i wish they released GTA5 in November i want the death of COD...

Cam9772177d ago

I agree with you, that would be wonderful.

Jinkies2177d ago (Edited 2177d ago )

On the same day aswell...that would be amazing

Everytime Activision show off a new trailer or any marketing stuff Rockstar would counter it. It would be fantastic to see Activision go down

Matpan2176d ago

Call of duty is the KFC of games, whereas GTA would be more in the leagues of a gourmet dish

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