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Paste: "Inspired by children's storybooks, The Unfinished Swan is a better game than story."

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Sketchy_Galore2268d ago

I pretty much completely agree with this review, unfortunately. I do appreciate any game that tries to do something different and have some kind of personal, emotionally moving theme but it just didn't quite work with this one. I thought the final half hour or so was pretty close to amazing but it didn't hit me emotionally like Journey or Papo and Yo, which is what it felt like they were trying to do.

The opening is quite interesting and the ending is great but overall it just felt like some great concepts that they couldn't quite get to work as an entertaining game. That goes especially for the vines. I actually had tears in my eyes at one point when I thought I was past that awful frustrating part of the game and realised I still had quite a few more vines to grow. The part after the vines was pretty cool but I spent most of it still frustrated and turned against the game by the irritating and overlong vine section.

The game really feels like it was originally just supposed to be about throwing paint on a pure white background to find a path but then they realised that that got boring after five minutes so they had to scramble for more ideas, all of which were cool but none of which could help bring the whole thing together into an enjoyable game.