How Sony's 'Failed' Handheld Changed My Life

"The PlayStation Vita is an under appreciated piece of hardware, many gamers are quick to write the Vita off, usually with the common reaction of “It has no games”, which simply is not true. The PS Vita not only changed how I feel about video games as a whole, but also set in motion a chain of events that greatly affected my life." -- PlayStation Enthusiast

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bolimekurac1589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )

oh god. let me guess, the switch is doing good so now people are trying to resurrect the vita. this is the 7th vita article in a week, give it a rest

OB1Biker1589d ago

It's a bit like fashion in the media. There r times when it's cool to take shots at it and other times it's cool to say something nice about it.
What I take from it is the media still won't shut up about the Vita. Infer from it what you wish.

XisThatKid1589d ago

I'm loving all the Vita Love lately!
This is great I love when it's not cool to hate a product anymore and people can openly express how they really feel about without having to be harshly judged by their peers.

FallenAngel19841589d ago

Apparently every PlayStation platform "Haz noe gamzes," or so the internet would have you believe

FallenAngel19841588d ago

I'm pretty certain people said that at some point for those consoles as well

GamingCentaur1589d ago

Vita has no good games. Bettter?

OB1Biker1589d ago

That's weak. Maybe 'worthwhile' like some were saying PS4 had no 'worthwhile' games except for Bloodborne? How about trying the 'quality VS quantity' angle?
Best is probably to go for 'the Vita is dead' angle I guess though. It has never needed any argument since it's metaphorical.

KuroKiko1589d ago

Thats why Wii U died an early death.

Chaos_Order1589d ago

It's funny how these articles have popped up right around the time EastAsiaSoft have started announcing Vita exclusives like Reverie and Sir Eats-A-Lot, with more in the pipeline, and Mary Skelter coming soon. It's such a dead console exclusives are still being released...

Also, I fail to see why every game needs to be exclusive for it to matter. "That one's also on PS4." "That one's also on PS3." "That one's also on PC." "That one's on 3DS." "That one's coming to Switch." Okay, fine, if you own these other FIVE systems, you can play most Vita games. The shock! The horror! Obviously everyone else already owns all these other systems making the Vita worthless! Oh, the shame... *rolls eyes*

GameBoyColor1589d ago

Mary Skelter lol. A first person dungeon crawler with waifus. This game will sell like crap but I'll check it out anyways.

The vita is still dead though. Niche japanese games and indies won't make the sales of the vita go up at all at this point and that's how the wiiu was pronounced dead too, even though it still had great games coming out at the time.

antikbaka1589d ago

if games and consoles change your life in any way beside giving some entertainment - your life probably sucks a lot and you have real problems which need to be adressed.

OB1Biker1589d ago

I got the feeling that's about what most people think of passionate gamers. Haha

XisThatKid1589d ago

Well they Vita was the first thing my daughter walked to and is now her very own

Chaos_Order1589d ago

The Vita inspired him to get involved in the gaming industry, and he now has a full-time job doing something he loves.

Yeah, sounds like his life reeeeally sucks, good observation mate.

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