TheSixthAxis Review: Halo 4 Single Player

TheSixthAxis look at Halo 4's single player campaign and whether or not 343 Industries have managed to pick up where Bungie left off.

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shaneTsung2179d ago

I played this game from start to finish and it SUCKS. halo 4 is the Phantom Menace of games,WHAT AN OUTRAGE. you blew it 343

shaneTsung2179d ago

cool story a, check the achievements xshanetsungx that's my gamer tag. this game will cause public outrage for all who follow the story. 343 wont be making halo 5 trust me

grailly2179d ago

even if it does "suck", the reviews are stellar and it will sell well. You can be sure that 343 will be doing halo 5.

jony_dols2179d ago

With the exception of IGN's review, the roundup is as you'd expect of a 1st party studio FPS:

Strategy Informer - 8.5/10
CVG - 8/10
Gamespot - 9/10
Polygon – 9.5/10
G4 - 4.5/5
Metro - 8/10
Joystiq - 5/5
Giant Bomb - 4/5
Eurogamer - 8/10
IGN - 9.8/10
Spong - 7/10
Digital Spy - 4/5
OXM - 9/10

Cerberus292179d ago

If you hate the game so much, why do you comment on EVERY halo article on n4g? Nobody is gonna think "I'm so excited for Halo 4... Oh wait, shaneTsung thinks it sucks, fuck that game"