Could This Be The PS3's True Enemy!

The PS3 has many enemys in the world not least of all the 360 and the Wii.

Thing is could its biggest enemy be a little more closer to home than first thought ? ....

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FeralPhoenix6361d ago

I never thought about it like that, not saying I agree but this is definitely worth analyzing....I'm interested to see what the other gamers think about this article?????

TheMART6361d ago

So true. The same way fanboys compare the PS2 to 360 (which is not completely right, because ofcourse a 100 dollar console will sell to lagards and a 400 one premium 360 has another audience, but still), in their view this would be so true.

PS3 defeated by PS2? Maybe supporting it with these good titles isn't so wise from Sony after all...

THAMMER16361d ago

This article proves alot of points. This is exatly why it is a very confusing time for Sony die hard fan boys.

If Sony is smart those great PS2 games will be backward comp. And God of war makes me want a PS2 by its self. But I just cant buy a console for one game.

I think Sonys worst enemy is there own fan boys if they keep pissing them off.

PS3 Ultimate6361d ago

You can put the PS3 to rival their own PS2 and PS1 but u can't say that the PS3 has a challenge. Its just about beating their old record. Thats all. And if they beat their old record sales (PS2) Then once again PS3 will pwn all. NEXT!

frostbite066361d ago

I dont think any console for a very long time will beat those ps2 sales. Sega was going down, microsoft was new, and nintendo droped the ball.

Stone Cold SA6361d ago

Why do people keep saying Xbox has a better line up of games, half of those games are also comming to the PS3, and so Xbox has some exclusives which are good, mabye 2 or 3 really good, but sony has as many good games comming out as Xbox does and as for really good games comming out Sony also has a few of those to so please don't buy into this fanboy crap, anybody who even bothers to post stuff on the net constantly about stuff, is clearely a suporter of something or a fanboy, so therefore this does not reflect the views of the general public, i know 2 people with a Xbox 360 and i know of lot's of PS2 owners who won't touch the thing, i mean i went into my local supermarket and looked at the games for it, Perfect Dark zero, Test Drive Unlimited, Oblivion, Saints Row, PGR 3, DOA 4, Gun, Amped 3, Tony hawks 7, Nintey Nine nights, Rockstar Table Tennis, so this is what makes the 360 great, do these games justify the purchase of the 360, don't gimme that crap there releasing good games in the future, do they have enough now? Sony is out in a month and i can honestly say, Motorstorm, RFOM, Heavingly sowrd, Lair, fear and ect crush these games, it's ok saying Xbox 360 has these games comming ect, but there not out for a while apart from the GOW, but that's it, so relisticly speaking Sony will be on par if not better for games when it's released!

Daewoodrow6361d ago

why do people keep saying that? I wonder...

When a guy tells you you're a horse, tell him to f**k off. When another guy tells you you're a horse, punch him. When a third guy tells you you're a horse, buy a saddle.

frostbite066361d ago (Edited 6361d ago )

"half of those games are also comming to the PS3"
There was an article on here a while ago saying how the ps3 had like 90 exclusives out of like 160 titles (or w/e). If thats true then your statements way off because at max, only 70 of those 360 titles would be coming the ps3.