Train Simulator 2013 Review | PixelPerfectGaming

PixelPerfectGaming writes: The most realistic train simulator has just gotten better with Train Simulator 2013. This latest release has more trains, routes, and even multiplayer functionality. That’s right – you can play with your friends online.

If you have a passion for trains and have always wanted to drive one, Train Simulator 2013 is the closes thing to the real deal. The game delivers a stunningly authentic experience that surpasses last year’s release.

RailSimulator also introduces the Steam Workshop in Train Simulator 2013; this opens up endless possibilities for the player. With the power of Steam Workshop, you can create and then submit your own scenarios that can be shared with the entire Steam community. This adds infinite replay value to Train Simulator 2013. Once you have completed the single-player experience, you can then choose from an unlimited amount of player made scenarios.

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