Halloween Borderlands 2 Shift Codes Coming Tomorrow

Gearbox has revealed that tomorrow for Halloween they will be handing out codes for special "spooky character customization skins".

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CrimsonessCross2179d ago (Edited 2179d ago )

title should be changed to today :p since it also posted up 18 minutes ago heh :)

also, they've already released one of the codes (the one for the siren) so if people don't know yet...go 'git it!

:) :P
Words by Marcus (well kind of) "I'm never doing that again"...

Megaton2179d ago

Was disappointing to find out that I already have these skins. Also, why are they all bee themed?

CrimsonessCross2179d ago

yeaah....I don't know :/

Not really a fan of it...a bit ridiculous x)
oh well...

EyeGlitch2179d ago

These are far from spooky, but they are free. I'll wear them for a couple days.