Play Expo 2012 - Everyday Should Be A Cosplay Day

For those who are unaware of cosplay, the term is short for costume play, originating in the early 80's. The original user of the phrase was Japanese, but the term was coined after he visited a sci fi convention in L.A. Cosplay is all about creating costumes usually based on characters from TV, movies, video games, books or comic books. The costumes are then worn, mostly when attending fan conventions such as San Diegos Comic Con, or the Comiket, which is Japans largest cosplay event. There are usually competitions held for the best cosplay at these conventions, but a lot of the time, the main purpose of cosplay is to have fun, and to show the world your love for the character being portrayed.

Game-Modo was aware of cosplay having seen clips of people dressing up on TV and the internet. Game-Modo knew it was huge in Japan and that it was also a major part of Comic Con. But, Game-Modo was a little unsure as to how popular cosplay was in the UK. Now, as us Brits are easily lab...

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