Lost Odyssey Review from MyGEN

MyGEN review the entire 4 discs of Lost Odyssey.

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Spike475004d ago

Yeah, and my name is Britney spears.

Crazy Larry5004d ago

Don't be jealous just because your mommy and daddy didn't get you a 360 for Christmas. I'm sure you're happy playing Folklore over, and over, and over...and over again to fill in your RPG joy. This game REALLY is great. I love the fact I own both a PS3 and a 360 so I don't have to be a flaming fanboy. That being said, FF13 (or 14) will probably be the best JRPG this gen, and I'm looking forward to it. It's nice not having to choose based on what system I have.

hep5004d ago

What do you mean? He has reviewed the title and he has played the entire game...just check his gamercard.

See that last acheivement he got....for completing DISC 4.

laslos5004d ago

This is a fabulas game, this is a much more accurate review!

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kira9895004d ago

But im not sure if it can hold a candle to FFVII lets slow down a bit

v1c1ous5004d ago

or any rpg for that matter?

kira9894999d ago

Yea... I actually thought that FFX was better than FFVII..

But of course thats my opinion

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The story is too old to be commented.