Halo 4 Interactive Guide Released

343 Industries have released an interactive guide to the Halo 4 universe, including a look at the new weapons, vehicles and enemies.

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Swiggins3749d ago (Edited 3749d ago )

It also gives you a look at all of the armors that will be available in game.

Which one will you guys be wearing?

I'll be rocking Rogue.

1nsaint3749d ago

I think it was called pulse, not sure though, its the one with the circle camo you get when u pre order

ItsTrue3749d ago

Fotus is where it's at!

bubblebeam3749d ago

Wow. 33 Different Weapons. That's quite a lot.

The Gungnir helmet in Reach was my favourite, but looking at this list, there are 38 differnet types of armour. And they all looks super badass. The Fotus one looks so awesome, got like a spikey head.

So glad that they are giving more armour. I felt like the armour in Reach was rushed, and could have been much better. This game is looking to be my GOTY hands down.

Stoppokingme3749d ago

November 6 can't come quick enough.

Can't wait to get my hands on those forerunner weapons, not to mention all the possible Armour configs. What pleases me most though is that we're gonna get a decent SP campaign.

Methinks the halo haters will contract foot in mouth disease when this is released.