PlayStation Move Racing Wheel Brings Motion Controls To Any Game. Yes, Any Game...

According to reports online, it appears the PlayStation Move Racing Wheel doesn't work solely with games supporting it. Apparently, it works with any game, even those with no Move compatibility whatsoever.

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MikeMyers2306d ago

Awesome indeed if it works. If it does work why haven't the people at Sony mentioned it yet?

remanutd552307d ago

i think it would work with Motorstorm Apocalypse too

iWaggleVR2307d ago

It does, yeah. Also in NFS Most Wanted. Natively so I mean.

miyamoto2307d ago (Edited 2307d ago )

We rarely see you here, but thanks for the post.
You have helped so many gamers with your work. Keep it up.

GribbleGrunger2306d ago

I'd just like to say: Best reviews on the internet

Y_51502307d ago

That is one of the coolest controller designs I have ever seen...

Blankman852306d ago

And now we are back to taking things too far.
That thing looks ridiculous. Looks like something batman rejected.

Hicken2306d ago Show
Blankman852306d ago

Hicken, do you have a man crush on me or something? I mean you're always there and I feel bad cause you're in my ignored users list and I hardly read your replies.
On topic, the controller does look like a prototype for one of Batman's gadgets, you have to admit that and it is NOT in ANY WAY the coolest controller ever lol.

DivineAssault 2307d ago

That is a pretty slick control for simulators.. I think move will be PS4 compatible cuz these things being put out at such a late stage of PS3s life wont make sense.. How many more MOVE COMPATIBLE sims will be released for the nx 2 years? This design is very deep for just a few games

iWaggleVR2306d ago

Well, according to this rumor, it's more than just a few games :P

But I agree the timing is "suspicious" at the very least.

GribbleGrunger2306d ago

What part of a ten year lifecycle don't you understand?

Yangus2306d ago

This thing awesome design Sony...
Made in Vietnam?

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