10 Must-Play Horror Games For Halloween

GameDynamo - "some horror titles stand out more than others, whether it's for what they've contributed to the genre, or just being able to give a great scare. Here are some that are simply must-plays, whether you're looking for something to get started with, or are a huge fan of the genre already."

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vikingland14228d ago

I think they need to do an HD remake of Fatal Frame.

Sketchy_Galore4228d ago

I was planning on buying the Silent hill HD collection to play through for Halloween (never played the original versions and playing on a ps3 so the issues probably won't be too off putting after the patch) but it turns out I'd been mistaking the original ps1 Silent hill on the eu store for the collection. I never played that either but i dont want to go THAT old school right now.

If my local crappily stocked game store doesn't by some miracle have it in stock tomorrow I'm gonna have to go for something else. I was thinking of Catherine but I really had my heart set on something darker and more atmospheric.

tack1294228d ago

If you get it (try find the originals if you can) you can go ahead and play SH2 as it doesn't require SH1 to understand the plot. SH3 it is necessary as it follows on from SH1.
You should try SH1, sure it's really old but it's still considered to be very good

Wagz224228d ago

I was in the same boat, but I just finished silent hill 2 with no issues, they seem to have been fixed, but now I have to play 1 before I start 3. I just hate how they didn't include the original voices for the third one.

Sketchy_Galore4228d ago

Thanks for the info folks. I probably will pick up the first game too at some point. It's not like I'm anti-PS1 or anything, I was gaming before that era. It's just that I wanted some genuine creepy scares for Halloween night and the first game might seem a bit too primitive to provide that. I probably will pick it up between 2 and 3 though.

mt4228d ago

I had terrible nightmare after playing Clock Tower when I was kid.
on the other side Catharine was a horror game ???

Kalowest4228d ago

Did you see the evil baby and a$$ boss's.

floetry1014227d ago

Catherine is a fantastic game. Horror though? Subjective. I mean, it's about the pressures of marriage and children and dedicating your entire life to your partner, so yeah, it's scary in that sense.

pompombrum4228d ago

So happy to see Clock Tower in the list, only game I've ever played that has seriously scared me.

Kyosuke_Sanada4227d ago

I would have put Demento / Haunting Ground in that list alongside of Clock Tower seeing they are the same thing.


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JonTheGod39d ago

Why are the Katamari games not on the list??


EA Shoots Down Dead Space 2 Remake Rumors: 'No Validity to This Story'

EA has shut down rumors that EA Motive considered a Dead Space 2 remake before shelving it due to low sales of the previous game, saying there's "no validity" to the reports.

XiNatsuDragnel47d ago

Sure.... right.... at least remake dead space 3 w/o microtransactions bs.

XiNatsuDragnel46d ago

I sometimes I wished I didn't Ngl lol

Knightofelemia46d ago

Why not remake DS2 whether shot down or not it's still my favorite game next to DS1. As much as I hate EA I would buy or would have bought DS2 day one.

MeteorPanda46d ago

No validity XD "Guys guys, we cant possible make a good game or cater to the gamers wants, stop"

Yi-Long46d ago

I don't know if sales met their expectations or not. I just know that the high review scores received my attention so I was interested in buying it, but its price stayed high (50+ bucks) for so long that I simply never bothered picking it up.

Tacoboto46d ago

Doesn't pay full price
Doesn't pay *any* price
Ponders if sales met expectations regarding an allegedly canceled sequel.


Yi-Long46d ago

Well, for starters, I'm sure there are plenty of games I never bought which did, somehow, still, meet their sales-expectations.

Concerning Dead Space; I never played and thus cared for the original. It's in multiple genres (shooter, sci-fi, horror) I don't particularly care about so it was barely on my radar pre-launch. I was never its target-audience.

When reviews hit, and it was scoring big, it gathered my interest, so while it wasn't in my field of interest, it mrans that I wanted to give it a fair shot and at least give it a try, as I do with many games across different genres; I tend to just cherry-pick the good stuff and see if it's for me or not.

But, I do wait for sales on those games I take a risk on.

Kornholic45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

Lol, you are a huge part of the problem. If a very high-quality game is not even worth 50 bucks to you, then what is?

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