New GOW trailers!

Gametrailers.com have new GOW trailers!

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soccerstar6443d ago

looks awesome and i cant wait to play it and has got to be one of the best looking games coming out

Stone Cold SA6443d ago (Edited 6443d ago )

At how well it didin't look, it's over hyped plain and simple, i'm almost sure this game is gonna dissapoint, one of the main reasons being is that Xbox owners love FPS and this is not a FPS, but if it were crap and they loved it, that would prove they were elisist fanboys and anything they say can't be credited!

soccerstar6443d ago

first of all im not a microsoft fanboy and i will have all 3 next gen consoles and u know this game looks great

TR0N6443d ago (Edited 6443d ago )

My question is why oh why hasnt the webmaster banned you already because it is obvious that you are purposely just trying to annoy everyone. Man this is umbelievable! You are a rabid, rabid fanboy. how can anyone in their right mind say that this is not the best looking game ever?

eques judicii6443d ago

The rock, you gotta stop spamming against games that are good. First, this is not a killzone rip off... (the closest it comes to being a rip off from killzone is that its scifi) secondly my manager played this game and said there was no slow down this past week... as to pixelation, most of the footage coming from x06 is off-screen so its not a direct feed and you are at the mercy of the camera... So please, just lay off the xbox bashing and see how much the next generation is benefitting gamers as a whole.

power of Green 6443d ago

I see you're a big fan of the 360 posting 360 news. Thanks for posting the trailers. Give it up man! you're opinion will not convence millions of people to care about Video games as much as you do on what you think makes a great game and console. You're thoughts make me sick and if you don't stop you're going to be sick in the head.