Xbox 360 professional controller mods


Xbox 360 controller mods from HG Controllers not only provides tactical advantages to Xbox Live gamers but can also assist the disabled. The modified Xbox 360 controllers prevent gamers from having to take a thumb off the analog stick to hit a button. Hey, in the thick of a Halo 3 fragfest every microsecond counts!

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Yi-Long5094d ago

... but I'd rather see them fixing that damn D-pad, in time for Street Fighter 2 HD and SF4 coming out, as well as for existing games like Virtua Fighter 5.

wicked5094d ago

what is wrong with the d-pad?

Captain Tuttle5094d ago

It's sloppy and imprecise IMO. I often find myself pulling down my night vision when I'm trying to call in a UAV in COD4. I'm not a big fighting game fan but I'd imagine it would make one difficult to play.

pigninja5094d ago

is atrocious, i think it's the worst d-pad on a controller to date.

ben8065093d ago

the 360 controller has a d-pad? never had to use it...

level 3605093d ago

Really the greatest ever control pad design.

Ergonomically correct in all the button and trigger pads.

Your hands and fingers just fall in the right place.

I also have a PS3 dualshock3 pads, and it's not really the best.
Too small for my average hands, the triggers are really atrocious
on your fingers. Also it does'nt vibrate as much/or as better as
the 360's.
Sony really needs to make a major overhaul on the sixaxis and
dualshock3 control pads, or many PS3 gamers' will suffer from some
form of hand/finger injuries, stiffness issues.

K33GAN5093d ago

looks cheap and crappy