Koru Productions Presents: "Game: ?"

Welcome everyone to my latest pet project, titled "Game: ?" (Game Question Mark/GQM/Whatever)

I am your host, Koru of and what I bring to you all, is a chance to win actual gaming related prizes, by doing nothing more than identifying video games.

Here are the rules:

- 5 Games. (All Genres/Eras)

- No hints.

- Each game gets a 10 second gameplay clip.

- Objective: Name the game shown. (Must match 100%)

Correct game title = 2 points

Correct console/handheld = 1 point

- Viewers must provide answers via Youtube private message. The submission deadline will be 2 weeks from the video upload date. Comments are disabled to prevent spoilers.

Correct answers and point leaders are listed in each subsequent episode.

After 2 episodes, the top 2 point leaders will have a 1-on-1 final battle, deciding the ultimate winner. 1st place will receive bragging rights, and a gaming related prize in the mail. (Should they choose to disclose shipping information.)

This is open to anyone, anywhere. Sharing this video is strongly encouraged, as it allows the chance for more participants to play.

Sure, it's a complete waste of time. But who doesn't love free stuff?

I hope you all enjoy the game!

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lilmetal2183d ago

Awesome, I love stuff like this.
Testing your gaming knowledge, and there's prizes even.
I fully support you on this one, bro.
Liked, subscribed, Facebook'd, Twitter'd, and G+'d.
Hope this catches the attention of more people.

Koru2182d ago

Thank you for the support! Hopefully I can turn this into a regular thing. I'm having a lot of fun with it so far. =)