Gaming Journalism Failed This Generation

"And then, there was this whole weekly obsession over sales numbers, and gamers were spending precious time arguing sales figures instead of playing games. And respected publications were at the center of this madness, pouring more fuel onto what was already an inferno. We also witnessed the rise of websites whose sole purpose and focus were to compare screenshots of games, especially multiplatform games, and compared them pixel by pixel in a vain attempt to show which console was superior." -Gamer-Rider

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prototypeknuckles3693d ago

NO SHIZZ,theyre al paid off, to give a good review and they are all biased
modern warfare 3-9
skyward sword-9/10
or the new DmC is fine stop whining
call of duty is not the same thing every year
MG Rising looks like crap(this is the new DMC, imo)

Cupid_Viper_33693d ago

I don't have any concrete proof that they are paid off, but it's certainly not the first time that someone has alluded to that.

The fact remains that whether they've been paid of or not, the have certainly failed to represent us properly. They've misled us many times and rarely suffer any consequences.

prototypeknuckles3693d ago

i think this article explains how they are paid off game journalist arent journalist at all, they arent doing heir job right.

scotchmouth3693d ago

Kids with websites arent journalists

cleft53693d ago

There has been quite a few people who worked for popular gaming sites like IGN talk about how the Reviews are paid for by Publishers through Advertisements for the site. In most cases, the Reviewer isn't directly paid off. The whole situation is indirectly done, but you get the same results. Read up on this a bit, it will completely help you to understand how pointless Review scores are and that they should never be trusted.

Army_of_Darkness3693d ago

Too much Fan-Botty-boyz and sell outs.

ABizzel13693d ago

There's one point in the article that speaks volumes of truth about our current generation.

"It’s clear that journalism in general, not just in gaming, has been watered down to the point where you can almost confuse it with a reality show."

Nearly all forms of journalism have shifted to what I call LAZY NEWS. Instead of doing research, investigating, interviewing, and developing a balanced, bais free, and informative report as JOURNALIST use to do, we're now giving opinion pieces full of hidden bias (sometimes it's not even hidden) and summary's or synopsis of the full story.

It's sad, and another reason the US is behind in education. You can't expect to educate the country with people in power who are half educated or half @$$ing their work. This is the Lazy Americas.

Canary3692d ago

Of course you have proof their paid off. Every time you visit IGN, or Gamespot, or wherever, what do you see? You see advertisements for games plastered all over the place.

That may not indicate "payment-for-positive-rev iews," but it sure as hell DOES indicate a severe lack of journalistic integrity.

And they're kind of the same thing.

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M1chl3693d ago

Adding bubbles to you sir, same thing I wanted to say : )

cleft53693d ago

My favorite bit of gaming "journalism" is watching all the sites that praised RE5 talk about how bad RE6 is now.

HarryMasonHerpderp3693d ago

To be fair RE6 is a lot worse than RE5.

josephayal3693d ago

This generation of gaming is definitely my golden age
FF 13
Resident evil 6
Metal Gear rising
Call of Duty

MrDead3693d ago

I don't know anything about anyone being paid to give higher or lower scores to games because of money but some titles such as the COD franchise has brought a few people to question this.

Articles that cause a negative reaction generate more hits, you get people defending whatever product that has been attacked(normally a much loved exclusive) and the people that relish in the negativity placed on that product viewing the article too.

OooHJohnny3693d ago

Paid off or not, in the end you're the only one who decide how to use your money.

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