Medal of Honor Warfighter Review- VGutopia

James Pungello of VGutopia takes a look at the newest entry in the Medal of Honor series. Find out if the game is worth your time and money in VGutopia's review.

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jjb19812814d ago

The graphics are really horrible and the multiplayer is decent but my fire team members don't hang around, it's like a free for all.

Mr-Zex2814d ago

I'm sorry what game are you playing if the graphics are horrible cause in terms of graphical achievement this has done a whole shitload more then Call of Duty.

BattleAxe2814d ago

Things are not looking good for this game...

SOD_Delta2814d ago

Warfighter doesn't even make a good filler game.

2814d ago
Hufandpuf2814d ago

If it isn't a 9 it isn't worth playing /s

Hasanhastam2814d ago

Just because they left afghanistan medal 2010 had nothing to offer but afgahnistan make it good gams now they use different location and we see reactions

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