Alan Wake 4 Minutes Footage

Alan Wake 4 minutes of footage from the Intel Quad Core event in September 2006.

(This video was posted last week but is worthy of a repost )

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UrbanJabroni6352d ago

<Jaw Drops to Floor>

Incredible because the graphics (espcially the volumetric lighting on the world) are some of the best I have ever seen. Ever.
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Funny because this was shown at an Intel Conference...even though the 360 processor comes to us courtest of IBM's PowerPC. :)

Back to my first point.

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shotty6352d ago

Can't wait to play it on my 360.

original seed6352d ago

This one deserves to be called a AAA title. Microsoft was very smart to snatch up this title as an exclusive. Xbox and Window owners should have a blast with this title. I cant wait to play this.

TheMART6351d ago

The video was on this site before, this is better quality and damn it's looking so freaking good!!!

And for the consoles it's on 360 only. Again, over and over again it proves to be the best choice for games

zapzone6351d ago

That video looked amazing - cutting edge graphics there. Interesting that it was played on a super-powerful PC. I hope they don't have to cut any of the great stuff demo'ed there for the Xbox 360.

THAMMER16351d ago

This is the 360 here. If you see a demo it is on full 360 hardware. It is nothing like what has been goin on with the PS3 at all. I know you know this.

You should Stop trying to start flame wars. Your coment makes you look dumb not the 360.

TheMART6351d ago

I bet they don't. Look. yep the 360 has 512 MB + the 10 MB embedded ram.

And yep a PC has 1 or 2 GB's.


The PC has to run XP/Vista. That will take away a lot of memory. In full form something about 700 MB if I'm right. THen all the other processes running in the background.

The 360 only has a 3 MB dashboard running and does about only one thing: playing the damn game. The GPU is special designed and nothing on PC market yet with for example that 10 MB extra fast embedded ram.

When programmed right it could even do more then PC. It's DX9 based, BUT it has it's own 360 API control. Which is not restricted to a fixed DX10 instructionset, but could be flexible by what MS tells it to do. Another level, but like the 1080p update it could have many surprises up it's sleeve!

Antan6351d ago (Edited 6351d ago )

not true im afraid. Many pc`s still have 512meg of ram which runs xp fine, though not much else tbh. Vista? well thats a different kettle of fish altogether! . My machine is 2gig (2x1) and uses around 400meg for 35 running processors, which includes the usual suspects, virus,firewall,msn etc etc, but includes internet explorer, outlook express and a few other programs. This of course leaves me with 1.6 gig to "play with". 700meg is a crazy figure to bring to the table where XP is concerned, vista won`t know for sure till final release ships, not this beta crap. the 10meg embedded ram is nonsense where a pc is concered. You forget certain pc gfx cards can do 8x aa and 16x using 2 cards, though technically not "free", the added pressure on the cards to produce these levels of fidelity, is not a great deal at all, especially where ATI is concerned, due to their fantastic AA performance! And lets not get into anisotropic filtering as this is clearly an area where the pc has no equal. But i do love my 360 though not as much lately as Company Of Heroes has taken over my life!!

hamburgerhill6351d ago

So what's your point Ant? Do you really expect me to believe that your computer is more or as powerful as the 360 when it comes to strictly gaming? I mean give me a d*mn break and get out of here with all of your foolish little attacks and attempts to downplay the 360! You are the cause of my cancer on this site you spit ball and don't try and play dumb because you know what im talking about! This rear f*ck took away all of my bubbles when in fact I spoke the truth and gave my honest opinion rather than bashing like himself and other! So I guess it's good you reduced me to one bubble on this site the 1st day I signed on because im going to constantly defend 360 against you whacko's that talk crap and your cartoon meat wad looking azz!

Antan6351d ago (Edited 6351d ago )

No, if you read my post i try to downplay peoples comments to make them less opinionated, and make them closer to the actual truth. what have you got to defend 360 for? do the games not speak for themselves? are you insecure? i have have both a high end pc and a 360, both of which im delighted with, i have no need to bash or "downplay" as you say. I still prefer my pc for games that are on both so dont get started on the F.E.A.R subject, ive already been through this. And am now enjoying the likes of Company Of Hereos and the soon to be Crysis. If you knew anything about the pc market today you would know yourself rather than reading other peoples very false technical comments that the 360 does not cut it next to top end machines, period. Come january time this will be even more the case when the G80 and R600 arrives. Pc`s are one or 2 gig only are they (mart)? you not seen machines with 4 gig? even though windows only recognizes just under 3 gig? However, which system will i only be able to play the likes of GOW, PGR4, Forza 2 etc etc? the 360 of course, so do yourself a favour and save your one bubble for a comment that is at the very least constructive!

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beans6351d ago

This game has so much atmosphere and looks just simply amazing! I haven't seen any game on any system like this and can't wait to immerse myself into this ultra realistic world! My family and im talking mother and girlfriend watched me play the 1st splintercell on my xbox which I couldn't believe! They were just deep into Sam Fisher story and with the visuals my mother even asked me was it a movie at 1st! You see never before this did they even take notice to a game I played and thats why I believe this game and those to come on the 360 will lure people in and make non gamers start to play games! Sure the Wii in innovative but so is 360 to developers which will allow very rich experiences down the road and I can't wait!

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babadivad240d ago

The story borrowed HEAVILY from the King novel "The Dark Half" anyway. Figured there'd be some sort of lawsuit but seems King was in on and ok with it.

got_dam240d ago

King is well know to be really chill with this kind of thing. And with official adaptations. It's cool and shitty. We have had so many low quality movies.