Get ready for SingStar on the XMB

I promised you exciting news, so here it is! SingStar, the ultimate competitive singing game for PlayStation 3, will now be available to everyone in SCE Europe territories (as well as Australia and New Zealand) as a free download straight from the XMB.

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josh501872817d ago

thank god this isnt in the us

black9112817d ago

If it's Free Don't Judge.

jd6662817d ago

Don't care how free it is, I don't want it graffitiing up my xmb!!

VonBraunschweigg2817d ago

Some songs are free and some are not, but here in the EU everybody now has to tolerate a songsellingsingstar icon on top of our gamecollection, the games we bought. Can't delete it, can't move it down by re-downloading the others. Press square and it's in it's own category so get ready for more...

Veto! I don't want this shite forced upon me. In fact don't change the XMB at all if you don't allow us to customize the changes. I'm used to it by now, and it's fine. Or was. All I want is that little bling back, that little plink! sound you heard when you started a game back in the days.

black9112817d ago

My guess is this is just the begining expect more free game icons maybe a new XMB icon??

darthv722817d ago

if it came to the US. I like singing.

I dont think my wife would like the tv and ps3 in the shower though.

guitarded772817d ago

My wife loves SingStar... we play every once in awhile and it's good quality time spent together. Whenever friends or family come over, they want to play SingStar or Buzz. Some of our friends and family went out and bought a PS3 after playing SingStar at our home. It is a great party game for adults, and the video playback ability makes it good for a laugh between songs. I've seen a couple stories on SingStar today, and you see a lot of "I'm too cool for SingStar", isolationist gamers comment, but they don't have a social life anyway. I recommend SingStar for married or live in couples looking to share gaming experiences with their significant other.

darthv722817d ago

i can assume they are from those who dont like the singstar game.

Because i know none of them have ever heard me sing. I'm a golden god.

@guitar...I was mostly a guitar hero/rock band type of social player. those are straight up fun especially when there is liquor involved.

fr0sty2817d ago

This is actually a great idea at targeting the device towards casual gamers... Include a more interactive form of Karaoke right out of the box. Bundle it with a mic and a controller, and i think it'd do well over the holidays. I'm not sure why it's such a territory specific move though, perhaps singstar is more popular over there in europe.

GribbleGrunger2817d ago (Edited 2817d ago )

It's big in Europe, Frosty. Don't forget this works with the PSEye now, so I would suggest Sony offering the PSEye with every PS3 instead of the mic. This would also make it cheaper to get the whole MOVE experience, which Sony seem keen on promoting this Christmas with Wonderbook, Okami and Sports Champion 2

GraveLord2817d ago

Why? Free game is a free game. It adds value to the PS3.

Awesome_Gamer2817d ago

Stop cying, it's free for god's sake..

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Cam9772817d ago

It is so annoying! I can't even delete it - WTF Sony?

GribbleGrunger2817d ago (Edited 2817d ago )

Out of interest, if it was something you were personally interested in, would you still be upset? I hope you consider that question carefully, and the implications of your answer.

Cam9772817d ago

There should be an option to delete it because for the people that don't use it, it simply gets in the way.

GribbleGrunger2817d ago (Edited 2817d ago )

I'm not in interested in Singstar, but it doesn't bother me in the least.

jd6662817d ago

I know, we should have the choice to delete it!!

BuLLDoG9092817d ago

yep, sony forcing there freeware crock o sht, big ass singstar logo, sitting right ontop of our game library.

i didnt buy a ps3 for karaoke,

pc gaming is looking better and better every day, consoles are turning more and more into casual pos box's.

the hardcore gamer should be pissed at this,
still nothing on csgo, i guess they have more important stuff like singstar to take care of...

GribbleGrunger2817d ago (Edited 2817d ago )

With the addition of Singstar to your XMB, you assume that Sony are moving to the 'casuals' and away from the 'core/hard core', so, next year, when they release TLOU, GOWA and Beyond, will you complain that Sony are moving to 'core/hardcore' and away from the 'casuals'?

jghvhv2817d ago

Come on Sony,put this crap somewhere else.

darthv722817d ago

they are giving it away so they would likely control where they want people to see it.

BuLLDoG9092817d ago

personally im looking forward TLOU, keeping an eye on Beyond too, i have no interest what so ever in GOWA.

you have a very weak argument., although it does show sony arent nearly as bad as MS, atleast giving us some new ips.

Your telling me your cool with turning on your ps3 and being greeted with singstar ?, whats next, barbies play house ?

Its stupid sht to be forced onto any real gamers ps3, adding the ability to remove it shouldnt even be a discussion, it should be an option from the beginning.

GribbleGrunger2817d ago (Edited 2817d ago )

Why do you feel it necessary to exaggerate the point? 'Barbies play house'? If you are going to accuse someone of having a weak argument then at least have a strong argument of your own.

I have no problem at all with Singstar being on the XMB. I hope it makes Sony lots of money for further investment in AAA titles.

darthv722817d ago

your argument is even weaker: "Your telling me your cool with turning on your ps3 and being greeted with singstar ?, whats next, barbies play house?"

At the very least, singstar is a game that can be enjoyed by many types of people. Your example of Barbie is a one sided example. No doubt there may be males out there that play with Barbie, the overwhelming majority of those that do however are female.

I completely understand your point but your thought process and delivery are something of question. As to the turn on the PS3 part...I would assume that it would be no different than any other app on the XMB. such as youtube or hulu. something you would need to make an effort to stop on and then activate.

By no means has it been stated that something of this nature would effectively override any personal theme you may have. So in essence, you would turn your PS3 on and still be greeted by the same theme you have seen before.

Budheadz2817d ago

i updated my ps3 today, logged into my account,
the first thing that comes up is singstar and its blue theme, with 2 people holding mics singing.

i dont like it

darthv722817d ago

that (to me) sounds like it is displaying the background because the selector is on that app icon.

No different than when i turn mine on and i see joe danger. If i move it one notch i see LBP. My point is that you will not be subjected to ONLY that background/theme.

Sony wouldnt be THAT stupid.