RipTen Review: Forza Horizon

What happens when you take the physics and feel of a racing simulator and combine it with the open road? Forza Horizon happens. While it certainly doesn’t follow the path of its predecessors, it does a fine job at crafting its own experience, while still having the Forza quality.

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xPhearR3dx3800d ago

This game really took me by surprise. I fell in love with Forza all over again. This is how a spin-off is done.

Stoletarts3800d ago

Not much for racing games unless they turn into transformers and start a battle midway, but this might make me change my mind.

Vivalajmax3800d ago

Great review, very curious to try this one out in comparison to the previous Forza games.

INC NATE21313800d ago

its forza, its always great! lol

StreetsofRage3800d ago

Forza continues to roll this gen!!!! The best keeps on getting better :)

sGIBMBR3800d ago

"The best keeps on getting better"

A great racing game in its own right, hell yeah... Better than Forza 3 or 4? I'm not too sure, those were 2 of my favourite racing games this generation, and although I really enjoyed the demo and will be picking the game up on Friday, I can't see it being to the quality of 3 or 4. I hope I am wrong though :)

Knight_Crawler3800d ago

Its up there with F3 and F4 in terms od quality, fun and replayabilty...sure its not as huge as Forza raceing sims but giving the smaller budget and less staff than Froza 4 Playground really reprensted and lived up to the Forza name.

MS did a great job putting together Playground and after playing the demo they have earned my trust and can have my money day 1.

Turn10 is great but Playground has shown that they can roll with the big dogs and cant wait to see what they can do when MS gives then there own engine next gen tailored to there open world needs : )

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