Where Is the Medal of Honor Warfighter Review?

IGN - We've been playing Medal of Honor, but the review will be late. Why? Mitch and Anthony explain.

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SOD_Delta2821d ago

Sounds like the game isn't that great. Might as well wait three weeks and pay the annual 60$ for CoD.

CraigandDayDay2821d ago

Don't give up on it just yet, man. I played the first Medal of Honor and it had an awesome, very authentic single player. The multiplayer was lacking but the single player made me feel like I was there. The sounds were spot on and the experience was just authentic. No hollywood, over-the-top CoD single player like we get every year, but a real true-to-life story of a squad.

Yi-Long2821d ago

... that I don't even care anymore if Medal of Honor is a great game or not.

Within a few months they'll just ruin the whole MP with DLC splitting up the community, and custom servers.

Plus, after about 8-10 years of problems of connecting to EA, I'm kinda done with them.

Nothing more frustrating than yet another 'Connection to EA was lost' message in the middle of a game, when other games from other publushers/developers never have that problem.

-GametimeUK-2821d ago

I tend to focus on the MP component of these Modern FPS games. A lot of people view that as a negative, but it's what I enjoy. I don't think anything will be better for me personally than Blops2. To be honest Treyarch make brilliant CoD games.

Anyway, this isn't about CoD so I will stop blathering on. I didn't check out the latest MoH and I don't really feel the need to check this one out either. I will watch the review and see what I think.

SOD_Delta2821d ago

I played MoH (2010) It was a decent game. It had it's moment, but I felt it was really lacking.

Bumpmapping2821d ago

"Very authentic single player" Lol I wonder what you were smoking when you played it.

CraigandDayDay2821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

Ok, I'll put it this way. More authentic than most CoD games, and I play CoD too. Objectively, CoD is less "realistic" than Medal of Honor. Neither are perfectly realistic. They're both games, of course.

Campy da Camper2821d ago

You mean that last abortion of a game where the AI was so retarded you could go stand in front of them and they just spun around in a circle? Or where your teammates were too stupid to figure out how to open a door for you?

MOH has fallen into the "I wanna be like..." category along with other of my favorite franchises....Splinter Cell, Resident Evil...I swear if Ubisoft ruins the next Rainbow 6 I will lose all hope in humanity.

CalvinKlein2821d ago

I agree with you...if you are talking about Medal of Honor on PS1.

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TXIDarkAvenger2821d ago

Had a feeling this would be a disappointment.

-Mezzo-2821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

So excited for this, cannot wait to pick up my Copy today.

I enjoyed the 2010 MOH and i'm sure i will enjoy this one as well.

Don't care if it's the Highest Rated or the Lowest Rated game in history.

Yangus2821d ago

This game not Modern Warfare"killer".

0pie2821d ago

the 1st medal of honor was really really short.... i hope this one got a longer single player.

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