What Makes A Great Trailer?

TheSixthAxis debates exactly what makes a great trailer. Does gameplay trump live action trailers?

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Starfox8112817d ago

Live action trailers are so regularly pants. Gameplay is generally king as it gives you an idea of what's to come.

Conzul2817d ago

Well there are different kinds of trailers: Teaser Trailers; Gameplay Trailers, Story Trailers; etc.

Summons752817d ago

Yeah that's true on some level but a trailer is suppose to generate excitement. For TV trailers 90% of the people are not gonna give any care in the world. Sure some trailers need gameplay but those are for people who actually seek them out to know what a game will look like or in game store like gamestop tv (although they don't show that much gameplay of anything. You need to generate excitement before people want to know what something plays like.

2817d ago
thebudgetgamer2817d ago

That Dead Island trailer is one of the best I've seen.

Knight_Crawler2817d ago

Have you watched the Gears 1 trailer Mad World? Still the best trailer in video game history.

Please give it more deserves more views: )

thebudgetgamer2817d ago

Yea, that one was strong. I also really liked that Halo ad with the models.

MadMen2817d ago

Master Chief...enough said

Catoplepas2817d ago

Weird. Redneck Monthly asked this exact question recently.

In-door plumbing was the answer it turns out.

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