Gears of War Leaked?

Gears of War has been pirated and uploaded to an Xbox 360 binaries group on Usenet. The file clocks in at around 7.2 gigs in 157 parts, and will require someone with patience, bandwidth and no sense of morals to download.

Is it real? Nobody knows. While it is hard to imagine this being legit, it definitely represents a problem to the developers. We're surprised the feed didn't get the smackdown immediately, but trying to rollout a significant next-gen title might occupy most of your free time.

joemutt6353d ago

That was proven before the sites even started reporting it. Dont waste your time, they didnt say what it was, but said it has nothing to do with GOW.

I will have the final version optimized for my 360 next month. There are plenty of games to keep me busy while I wait.

Oh, yeah mine is already paid for anyways.

kmis876353d ago

If that 7.2 gigs is right, then that means the game is getting close to hitting that 9 gig mark. If it is correct, does that lend credence to the dvd9 is insufficient argument?

sparco6353d ago (Edited 6353d ago )

Its means there was obviously enough space to fit all that they wanted on there. Why else would there be around 2gb left? Anyway, this is most likely to be a fake, and therefore not the actual size of the game.

kmis876353d ago

That would also mean that if the single player was 15 hours instead of 10 hours, there would be too much to fit on a single disc. Of course, it does appear that this is very much a fake.

power of Green 6353d ago (Edited 6353d ago )

Or will it mean we play games on two disc. If this BS is true, that is. Dam!!! this means Gow will look great and be way!!!! bigger than Oblivion. NOOOO!!! i can't live with out the Hours of Movies in the game. Oh! well i'll just be pressing start yelling bad words after the fisrt time seeing the CGI.

kmis876353d ago (Edited 6353d ago )

A game like Oblivion or GTA, where any part of the game world can be accessed at any time wouldn't be able to be put on multiple discs. Games like Resident Evil, or Gears, or a FPS like Resistance can be put on multiple discs because once a certain point in the game is reached, the environments from the previous areas are no longer needed. Having multiple discs for a game like Gears would be little more than a minor inconvenience, but for other games it means the overall graphic quality must be reduced to fit the game on the disc. That is what I'm concerned about, and it is why I'm analyzing the disc size. Anyways, people who have claimed to have downloaded the file say it is not Gears like #1 says.

G_CodeMonkey6353d ago

Way to screw over a company trying to bring great content. Geez, at least go rent the thing if you are too cheap to buy it (when it comes out, obviously). That definitely screwed over Valve. gCM

Dancryer6353d ago

I would bet my prized 360 this so called file is a fake .... But you can bet that wont stop hundreds of people trying to find it as we speak.