GameCube games for Nintendo newcomers

Given Wii's remarkable sales figures (and GameCube's relatively disappointing sales,) it seems safe to assume that many Wii owners missed out on GameCube. Fortunately for gamers incognizant of the satisfaction to be found within tiny purple cubes, Wii is compatible with all GameCube software. Landmark GameCube releases from years gone by can be played on Wii and enjoyed by players who may have never had a chance to experience them.

On Saturday's edition of Infendo Radio, Blake and Scott discussed this topic when listener Paul phoned in asking for their GameCube recommendations. Their guidance is included in this list of the best GameCube games for 'Cube-deprived Nintendo newcomers.

OC Shock Value6005d ago (Edited 6005d ago )

This is absolutely true.. ill just tell the tale..

I started off as the biggest N64 Fan in the world.. Live an die by Nintendo in N64 days.. Then when it was time to upgrade to the cube i was Verry happy, and Verry dissapointed..

Smash Bros Mele
Luigis Mansion
Zelda Wind Waker
Resident Evils
Metal Gear Remake
Metroid Prime
Few others but cant remember

Mario Sunshine
Wave Race Blue Storm
Starfox (BOTH)
Metroid Prime 2
Mario Kart
Pilot Wings Sequal MIA
Battletanx MIA
NO Backwards Compatible Option
NO DVD PLAYER (Big Deal back then)

The PS2 took videogames by storm back in those days.. As a Nintendo fan i was forced to abandon ship.. Im glad the tables have turned once again this gen.. In Nintendos favor..

That is the wonderful story on how i missed out on alot of gamecube titles.. By being forced to convert to the best console ever made.. The PS2

Yi-Long6005d ago

... cause for some dumb and never explained reason, Gamecube fans are hardly found in shops anymore, and especially the good titles are extremely rare to come across. (here in Holland)

Which is weird, cause it's not like the Wii has that many must-have titles yet, so you'd think, with the BC, that Nintendo would at least keep some of their best Cube titles on the shelf, maybe give them a new cover with 'Wii-able' on it, or something.

So what use is a must-have Gamecube-games list, if they are all extremely hard to find!?
Nintendo should re-release some of those classics, for a willing and bored Wii-crowd.

DeckUKold6005d ago

Tales was in the top 5 best RPGs of last gen

wiizy6005d ago

i liked the gamecube also..but time to move on to just the wii...great games are coming this year .

desolationstorm6005d ago

Im kinda glad I wasnt able to buy cube games I have picked up almost all that I wanted to pretty damn cheap this last year.


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franwex11d ago

There’s a tranny in this game? Like Birdo?

OtterX11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

Vivian actually was in the original Japanese Gamecube version 20 years ago, but it was edited out for Western audiences. It's not that it was put in here, it was brought back.


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