Perfect Dark Zero Map Footage!

Perfect Dark saw the release of 4 new maps today, and now, courtesy of, you can see what they all look like in these whistle-stop tours.


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Aflac5457d ago

I was on the phone with microsoft, to find out if I could in someway contact Rareware to give ideas to improve the game to appeal to more customers. There's not really a way we can speak with them directly, but the microsoft employee will be contacting them telling them the kinds of stuff i suggested to making the game even better and more like its predessor (gameplay wise).

Here is what I suggested so far:
1. Give us the ability to jump using the right thumbstick button, this way we dont take our thumbs off the looking stick. We need to be ablt to jump onto enemy hover crafts, and our own-it's only fair and realistic to b able to do that!
2. If they give us the ability to jump, let low gravity be a fun little gameplay option to mess around with in multiplayer.
3. Bring back the following options from the old perfect dark:
-fast movement
-slow motion
-1 hit kills
-old multiplayer maps
4. Physics improvements (especially with vehicles- sick of hovercrafts killing ppl just by moving in the direction of those ppl, before even making physical contact).
5. Continue the storyline through expansions rather than sequels (with better voice acting, lol), so that we do not have to get used to new formats, etc.

The guy said that to add in jump would mean redoing the physics, making a download as big as 300MB. He said he will suggest to them an expansion to get all this type of stuff in, after all, these features did make the original perfect dark probably the most highly rated, and versatile console shooter until halo.

I have come up with more features to suggest to them below:
1. Bring back all the rest of the old weapons, characters, etc.
2. Improve graphics (to satisfy gamers who let graphics that are not completely life-like ruin games for them)
3. More players in (online and lan) multiplayer- up to 64 players as Rareware originally planned- the original xbox could handle 32 ppl in multiplayer easily, and with the 360 being 12x and more that power, I think 64 players should be quite simple.

If anybody has additional Ideas, PLEASE REPLY TO THIS Article with a comment titled "New Idea", I WILL INCLUDE IT IN MY NEXT CALL WHICH WILL BE THIS FRIDAY (6/9/06)- PLEASE bring ideas ASAP!!!

We will not be paid or anything for this, we will only get the hope of the strong possibility of having wishes for improvements granted. (duh, lol!)

Thank God microsoft listens to customers, sony never did that (I know because I've tried)!!!

CookTrain5457d ago

My idea is simple... maybe a little cliched...

I'd like a land based wheeled vehicle like a Quad Bike or a jeep... something with a bit more weight that the jetpack and hovercraft which are both definately more floaty... Not in a bad way, just I'd like something with a bit more gravitational punch :)

Asylumchild5457d ago

I just downloaded these maps last night there awsome worth the 500 points!