10 Games That No One Has Played (And Everyone should)

Vgamerz writes: "Sometimes wonderful games are created that simply just don’t sell well despite being legitimately good games. Whether it be lack of hype, poor marketing, or any other number of reasons, these games sold poorly, but deserve to be played by each and every one of you gamers out there. So do yourself a favor and read on about these rare gems that you may have never heard of, but should seek out as soon as possible. You can thank me later. "

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SOD_Delta2344d ago

I've beaten four out of the ten listed. With Shadows of the Damned as my favorite. I still want to play Binary Domain.

KiRBY30002344d ago

I would have picked Vanquish on top of that list.

thorstein2344d ago

I would too, followed by Valkyria Chronicles and then Demon's Souls.

Axecution2344d ago


Demon's Souls doesn't belong on the list. That game got so popular.

wishingW3L2344d ago (Edited 2344d ago )

Vanquish, Yakuza and Valkyria Chronicles too! Poor Sega doesn't get the credit it deserves. -_-

Mutant-Spud2344d ago

Binary Domain is a great game,the campaign is a decent length too.

ATi_Elite2344d ago (Edited 2344d ago )

Ummm Metro 2033 is way over a million! You better go ask THQ for the PC digital download sales figures!


Metro 2033 will make your GPU Bleed! AWESOME game and i can't wait for Metro Last Light!

Sniper Elite V2 is dam good and again you may wanna go check the digital download numbers cause S.E.v2 was more popular with PC gamers than consolers just like Metro 2033!

good list of games though!

Venox20082344d ago

thats a reay good list

I would add

Chid of eden

Hovis2344d ago

Vanquish is one of the best third person shooters I've ever played.

A nice mix of uber masculine western males and the ridiculousness of the east.

Love it.

Soldierone2344d ago

Just wish it wasn't so short.

tehnoob32344d ago

The first thing on this list should be Planescape Torment. A revolution in story telling, and a masterpiece.

TopDudeMan2344d ago

This guy likes his survival horrors.

BinaryMind2344d ago

Apparently if a game sells less than 1 million "no one" played it. Sure, they weren't a success, but the numbers here a still a heck of a lot higher than even the best selling XBLA/PSN games.

TopDudeMan2344d ago

Yeah, I'm sure they sold about as well as the companies expected them to.

Beastforlifenoob2344d ago

+ im sure alot of people pirate it,...

GreenRanger2344d ago

I would put FEAR 3 on that list.
FEAR is a highly underrated series.
I'd like to see Condemned 3 aswell.

Soldierone2344d ago

I LOVE the FEAR series. FEAR 3 is a great game, but it totally lost its horror elements almost entirely. There were a few good horror based levels, but it was way more about action and gunplay. Like I said still a great game, but I enjoyed 2 and 1 a lot more in terms of horror.

rezzah2344d ago

1 was the scariest and the AI seemed to be the most intelligent. Or maybe it was just my surprise reaction to how smart they are.

r212344d ago

Proud to say I've played and enjoyed Singularity and The Sabotuer. Activision really need to make a sequel Singularity. Btw, did anyone else play Timeshift? That was bloody well brilliant!

r212344d ago

Well IMO it was great! :)

FunkMacNasty2344d ago

I'm between the two of you on Singularity ^^^^ and the dude below. I think that game had some serious flaws in terms of gameplay, AI, and the graphics (on console anyway) were pretty bad by this generations standards. But I think Singularity had a story and game mechanics, such as the abilty to "timewarp" enemies and certain materials.. that was especially cool in trying to solve various puzzle sections.

A flawed masterpiece IMO - big fun factor and interesting game mechanics, just not expertly executed like i would've liked.

Venox20082344d ago

yea, I really liked Singularity too, great game

Saturne32344d ago (Edited 2344d ago )

Timeshift is a great shooter indeed.

The multiplayer is alot of fun.

Soldierone2344d ago

I loved Singularity, even bought it and working on a platinum.

The people that hate it seem to be the COD kids expecting COD. I tried selling it to COD kids several times and they don't play past the first level.

n to the b2344d ago

I see Singularity getting a lot of credit for story.

Singularity's story/plot twists were contrived, uninteresting and poorly thought out.

I have never played any of the CODs ever.

guitarded772344d ago

it's a good sandbox game (a la GTA formula) set in WWII era France. There are what seems like thousands of side objectives where you do stuff, find stuff or blow shiz up. It is really fun, but can get a bit repetitive if you seek out and do every little thing like I do. It really is one of the better GTA style games though. I enjoyed it more than Saint's Row or Mercenaries... I'd say it's about as good as Just Cause 2, only set in a different time and environment.

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