Why Did Social Media Fail On Xbox Live?

Microsoft is retiring the Facebook and Twitter apps on Xbox Live. The popular social networks have conquered the Internet -- so why did they fall flat on Microsoft's online gaming service?

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Chaostar2342d ago

As the article states, it's simply easier and faster to use a phone/tablet/pc.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32342d ago

I'm surprised when I shouldn't be. Really? An article on this? Wow :/

EVILDEAD3602342d ago

I'd rather use Facebook on my phone. Which is why Smart Glass makes more sense for Facebook and Twitter than the apps do.

Not many people by that chat controller add-on. I never needed it because I rarely need to use much text. But now I can use my I-phone or a tablet it'll make 100 times more sense.

Look forward to the Smart Glass upgrade to see if it will all work as smooth as smart phones do


SilentNegotiator2341d ago

lol smartglass? If you're holding a tablet, cut out the freaking middleman; why would you use FB with the 360 at that point?

EVILDEAD3602341d ago

lol smartglass? If you're holding a tablet, cut out the freaking middleman; why would you use FB with the 360 at that point? me an iphone or tablet as big as my 65inch HDTV and you'd have a point.

In fact, I even have a Huge Flat screen in my bedroom so I can game right from bed. When I wake up I lazily check Facebook etc from my phone. Now I still can do that and have the option to do it over the big screen.

All from an update on the 360. sounds good to me.


Grap2341d ago

what fail???? it's not like MS invest on it or something Plus there will be IE in New updates why would they keep these app? when u can access it through IE. that would be just stupid keep them both.

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Muffins12232341d ago

Yea,it would be nice if it was integrated with the home button on the xbox...but instead it was a stupid application you had to use.

greenpowerz2341d ago

Ease of use.

But if this claim of failure is related to the removal of the apps, common sense would tell you MSFT traded operating system footprint from the apps for internet explorer which would allow access to these services anyways.

Redgehammer2341d ago

Now that IE is on the 360, i just include Facebook and Twitter in my daily browsing on my 360. If it is still accessible via my console, I am not sure I would qualify the removal of redundancies a failure.

ATi_Elite2341d ago

why pay what ever Xbox live cost a month when u can use ur phone/tablet/PC faster and for Free to access the same stuff!

maybe the Next Box 720 will have the Internet Options more refined.

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Bowzabub2342d ago

Judging by the comments I've been reading on here since 2007, these are some antisocial people we are discussing. XD

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