Microsoft prepares to compete with Apple iPhone

GizmoRepublic writes:

Monday Microsoft announced that it's going to buy Danger Inc. out of Palo Alto, California. Danger is known for designing a line of youth oriented mobile communications devices called Sidekick and Hiptop.

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niall775095d ago

... they planned to compete with the iPod with the zune?

Kami5095d ago

i frikkin hate M$.
they copy everything. bakas

Hatchetforce5095d ago

Neither the iPhone or MS stands a chance against Xperia.

The vid is short but sweet:

Zip5095d ago

I am not trying to be a fan boy here, but do microsoft ever learn? how many times do they have to burn their hands on the hot oven before, they realize that they arent caple of competing with Apples products? hell even Dell & HP tried to compete with their Imac series, and look now? were are the products? trashed and dumped by the consumers.

Apple has a strong brand, and a good repetion (how was it spelled?) so does microsoft, but they just seems more "cheap" then apple. Also what would m$ compete with at all. Their already dead Zune? .... jesus come o on, that would only unfend the US consumers intelligence by offering them that.

Thats a re-brain storm m$ ...

HarryEtTubMan5095d ago

I smell failure. Sony will easily succeed. But they are known for having the highest quality products while Microft is known for monopolizing computers, forcing Vista on consumers that NO ONE wants and copying EVERYTHING Sony/Apple does.

phony force slayer5095d ago

forcing it on to them like a trojan horse

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The story is too old to be commented.