Lola's free-to-play review: This is Black Mesa

Han "Lola" Cilliers reviews Black Mesa.

Black Mesa is a remake of the 1998 classic Half-Life. It is a testament to the ingenuity, challenge and thrill that marks the first-person shooter (FPS) genre. It defiantly mocks present day triple A shooters with its outdated graphics, while delivering a game that is for lack of a better description, in a class of its own.

Black Mesa is the perfect game and it was done by a group of fans.

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Choc_Salties3057d ago

Loved the original, Loved this remake. An awesome, heartfelt retouching of a superb classic!

Absolutely many thumbs up!

DesVader3057d ago

Great interview with the team that did a sterling job on the remake!

schmoe3057d ago

Yeah, i have seen a few attempts at scribbling about this title, this one is awesome. nice work!

HanCilliers3057d ago

It's such an awesome game, wd to Black Mesa team