Steps to a Successful 360 Redesign

In order for the Xbox 360 to lose its negative hardware image, a successful hardware redesign in the same vein as the PS2 slim is required. Discussed are the steps Microsoft needs to accomplish in order to create a better console.

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Citizen Cook5004d ago

Just release the Xbox 720 next year.

jinn5004d ago

there r 360 steps Bill Gates wants us to figure out

ThaGeNeCySt5004d ago

steps to a successful 360 redesign? friggin RECALL and re-design the console, i'm tired of this.

trancefreak5004d ago

I think the lemon law should also be introduced for this work of wonder

power of Green 5004d ago

Already working on it, let MSFT deal with it we don't need PS3 fanatics digging up every two bit media losers opinions.

trancefreak5004d ago

oh yes we do and im finally glad its come to this. I hadmore letdowns than game time.

mikeslemonade5004d ago

It's time for them to make a next generation console. If the faulty hardware was fixable in a cost efficient manner then it would already have been fixed already because it has already been 28 months.

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The story is too old to be commented.