New Call of Duty 3 Wii Details

While the game will not be as graphically on par with the other versions, it is being displayed at 480p and in 16:9 widescreen. Like the GameCube, the Wii will only support Dolby Pro Logic II, but CoD3 is also fully compatible with that. The game will use the rumble pack, but will not make use of the controller's built-in speaker, as Activision will apparently not have enough time to incorporate it. Online play is out, and so is any form of multiplayer, and WiiConnect24 will not be utilized.

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Krazydad5910d ago

Thats lame that Activision is rushing the product to be as close to launch as possible and not taking the time to incorporate all the features the Wii offers. The Wii's remote speaker is one of my favorite features that I feel should be incorporated in all games.

ChickeyCantor5910d ago

they should w8 and make it better......