Battlefield 3 First Official Aftermath Screenshot Reveals New Weapons

Check out the first Battlefield 3 Aftermath Screenshot.

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Cam9772189d ago

I really want Premium but can't sell my BF3 on Amazon trade in.

OneAboveAll2189d ago

If they stick people to walls and objects it will be even better! :D

XabiDaChosenOne2189d ago

Aftermath DLC...I want that!!

Detoxx2189d ago

Trailer is out, earthquakes during multiplayer, customizing the way the soldier looks and crossbow!

b163o12189d ago

Where did you see the trailer? Earthquakes during Multi, sweet(If true)

Detoxx2189d ago

Battlefield channel on YouTube

007Bond2189d ago

They need to put out snow maps those are the best!

omi25p2189d ago

I dont understand the facisination people have with snow maps. But Armored Warfare added a pretty big one.