New Borderlands 2 Patch Reveals Next DLC

"After downloading the newest Borderlands 2 patch for the Playstation 3, I checked my trophies and noticed that the trophies for the next piece of DLC had been added to the list."

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JimmyHACK2218d ago

Yep it's Moxxi related... also patch blocks farming Tiny Tina mission

Hellsvacancy2217d ago

Really? glad I took advantage if it yesterday then, not for my main character, I leveled up the ninja to 31 so I could get a related trophy, Ive played the game enough, with 3 characters, couldnt be bothered to start over again

DarkZane2217d ago

It still works, I am doing it right now.

WetN00dle692218d ago

Damn so no more Mr.Flesh Stick farming???

Trenta272217d ago

I feel like they are force feeding us this DLC. It's all coming too fast. I hope they spread the later ones out a bit.

-MD-2217d ago

You're aware that you can play the DLC at any time so when it comes out has absolutely no effect on you, right?

Captain Qwark 92217d ago (Edited 2217d ago )

just stop. i keep seeing you and a few others commenting about "its too fast, blah blah blah". its not too fast for some people who are already through the other dlc yet or just want to keep playing. if its too fast for you, then don't download and play it. nobody is forcing you too. whether its available to play or not doesnt mean you have to it just means for those that want to, they can. simple as that.

and before you try throwing out there the "they have no life if they are already through the other dlc" nonsesne, there are many many ways around that. skipping your responsibilities, sleeping less, mayeb they have some sick days, maybe they are on vacation, maybe they only work part time, maybe they are a couple who plays together, hell maybe you are just slow or they sped through the dlc but either way, there is a huge list of reasons why someone could be through it, some good, some bad. the point is, they can release it whenever, there is no such thing as "too fast" unless of course its literally the next day and its obvious it was just cut from the final game

admiralvic2217d ago

I disagree. This really is too fast... While I have platinumed and 100%ed the Pirate DLC, I don't even get a day where I have all the trophies before I'm told I have to buy ANOTHER pack to get there. It really zaps some of the fun out of playing it, since you never get the feeling that you're "caught up". Sure you can play it whenever you want or whatever, but people are still figuring out the drops, a number of things DO NOT work properly in the current DLC and while they're all different Devs, it feels like the season pass will be done by December over June.

Really all I am saying is that they should let us have some time where the pirate DLC is everything. A week delay on this patch could have fixed some (or at least the Master Gee freezing error), given us time to fully explore everything in the pirate DLC (like who drops what) and then get excited for the next pack.

Trenta272217d ago

That's not the point I was getting at. DLC is designed to keep people playing. Some people are still getting through the main game now so they don't have to worry about that. What they need to do is release the DLC the week of other big game releases to keep people playing, or release shortly after.

Look at the DLC for Fallout 3. That had massive spacing in between releases. It kept people coming back.

cleft52217d ago

Trenta27 the truth is, if this was story dlc for ME3 people would be saying exactly what you just stated. But because it isn't popular to hate on Gearbox everyone is perfectly happy getting this DLC.

I am guessing you where opposed to the ME3 DLC, correct me if I am wrong. At the time, you where amongst the popular group with that opinion, but you felt like that for a legitimate reason. Now you are saying the same thing but you are an outcast.

Why is that? Because the majority of the people that where hating on Bioware was only doing it because it was popular, not because they thought it was wrong, to be honest those type don't really think at all.

Within a month after Borderlands 2 release we have seen a DLC character and DLC story content. Yet, most people have no problem with this at all. We saw day 1 DLC for ME3 and people went insane on them. Then Bioware fixed their bad ending for free and proceeded to release a ton of free MP DLC and people still hate on them. About 5 months later we finally see true story DLC and people are saying that they cut the content out of the game.

Yet all the Borderlands 2 DLC is great and how dare anyone say otherwise. Personally, I don't have a problem with the Borderlands 2 dlc, but I didn't have a problem with the ME3 DLC either.

admiralvic2217d ago

I could be wrong because I don't give a **** about Mass Effect, but I believe Bioware made all the DLC, so it came off as with holding content (like the complaints against Capcom) and like they're not properly testing each content.

Borderlands 2 is a little bit different. For starters, the DLC character was announced a LONG time ago and was given as part of a preorder deal. For this reason alone, it's hard to really complain about a girl you could have got for free or knew about for months. Now the Pirate DLC came out of nowhere, but that was developed by another company (Some of the people from DNF I guess, blanking on their exact name... sorry). Since this isn't Gearbox making it, it's hard to really say they're rushing / not really testing it. The Torgue one also was rumored around Sept and was apparently developed by Workshop Entertainment (Sorcery). Naturally the fact 3 different developers finished around the same time makes the content look better than 1 person finishing everything at the start.

With this being said, I agree with you though. Many of the drops / fixes need to be made on the Pirate DLC before we get ready for the next one.

zZGAMESTARZz2217d ago

I would bet my house that if this was Call of Duty, people would be going mental about money grabbing...

cleft52217d ago

Yep or if this was Me3.

lonesoul652217d ago

I would love more content as fast as I can get it. A comment above mentioned that you dont have to buy it now or if you do, you don't have to play it right away. Being that BL pretty much plays close to an MMO, it just feels like they are adding a bunch of end-game content to play. Scarlett DLC was probably the best DLC I have ever bought. A buddy and I ran through it yesterday in about 8 hours and it was fun as heck all the way through. The design was outstanding and glorious to look at. They aren't pumping out half-ass stuff here. This is high quality content that I feel is truly worth paying for.

Let the content rain down while the bacon is still hot!!!

admiralvic2217d ago

Did you REALLY play Scarlett? Cause everything you say implies otherwise...

- Pirate weapons mostly suck.
- Seraph weapons suck because they change stats EVERY time you equip them or load your save. (so even if you find a good stat combo, joining a friend or leaving will reset it)
- Master Gee has some of the stupidest mechanics in the game and is an overly long and dawn out fight.
- Master Gee is tends to cause people to freeze upon death, so you might have to kill him several times to actually get the mission completed. It personally took me 4 kills, which resulted in my losing 26 Eridum (useless, but still annoying), cash and forced me to walk to his area every time.
- Raid bosses have a 24 hour lock, so you can't farm them without changing your clock time. On the PS3 that requires you to Quit, change, reload, walk to the boss, pay the price, and then kill the boss... you don't think thats tedious in any way?
- Hyperius basically requires you to have legendary weapons to kill him or extremely good purple weapons. Also he is pretty much impossible to solo without having insane weapons, where as Terra was possible to solo with decent weapons (you could always second wind off his arms, where as Gee / Hyper have limited peons and the ones included have too much health to be viable for quick second wind).
- You can't rejoin raid bosses in progress, you lose health every time you revive during a raid boss fight.
- Master Gee's Badass rank is glitched for PS3 and perhaps other systems.
- The final boss in DLC story was an absolute joke and is far weaker than even the Warrior.
- Seraph crystals only drop from the 2 Raid bosses and you need roughly 15 kills to buy 1 seraph weapon. This is even more annoying when you figure they don't always seem to drop (at least in Gee's case, but he also tends to drop nothing according to reports),
- The DLC can be completed in 4 hours, with the exception of the raid bosses.

Honestly I feel like I've made my point. The DLC was interesting and cute, but it didn't add anything useful to my game. I mean for $10 dollars, they could have at least added bank space, inventory space, higher ammo capacity or at least one really cool gun. What did we get instead? 2 extremely annoying raid bosses, a bunch of meh pirate weapons (the curses alone make most useless), a short story, a new form of currency that will most likely be useless like eridum (god forbid they made that useful) and a bunch of guns that change stats every time you join / load / equip them. Totally the best DLC ever and worth $10 dollars.

lonesoul652216d ago it for the PC...looks better, runs better and I didn't have any of those issues that you are stating. I found amazing guns throughout the expansion and also found it challenging and fun. I enjoyed the storyline and though I had out-leveled some of the quest rewards, thought that is was an overall amazing experience. So yes, I played it, and yes I enjoyed it, and for he 10 hours + that I have now played it...more than got my moneys worth. So yes, the best 10 bucks I have spent on DLC = ) Must suck to have that many complaints about something great.

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