Three Terabytes (3,000 Gigabytes) on a CD-R?!

Yes, three-holy-terabytes (3,000-gigabytes) of data on an optical disc the size of our regular CD-R might just be possible soon! Harvard researchers have developed an "optical nano antenna" which helps focus light from an inexpensive laser onto a spot size of 40-nanometers.

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Silver3606363d ago

this will kill blue ray and hd dvd. cheaper and holds more data than either could hope for. or maybe they could use it on the other players.

Sexius Maximus6363d ago

Between this and holographic discs, there won't be a hd-dvd/blu-ray winner. This is fairly old news however.

specialguest6363d ago (Edited 6363d ago )

what made you even consider halographic disc anyway? halographic disc is way too expensive and will never be the HD-DVD/Blu-ray killer.

Happy Hippo6362d ago

..when you use this technology on a Bluray/HD-dvd player. if it can store 3 terabyte on a cd, imagine what it could store on a BD/HD-Dvd disk. but who the hell need that much space anyway, you could probably store all film ever made on such thing, and then again you can never get enough :P

calderra6362d ago

Er, you're kind of missing the point. I'm sure there could be an increase, but for the consumer market there's still absolutely no reason 3TB would ever be necessary.

Think about that- 3,000GB of information. It'll take at least a decade for anyone outside of Google-size databases to need this technology.

DEIx15x86362d ago

I have 1.5 TB of data and no free room to create new stuff.

tom15956362d ago

would the power usage be extremely high?

Marty83706362d ago

These CDR's would cost way too much.These arn't even out of prototype stage.These must be a good 3-5 years off.These will never kill either Blu-ray or HD-DVD any time soon.


Why Return To Office Mandates Are About Control

With video game studios forcing return-to-office mandates on their employees, there's only one actual reason behind the motive: control.

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'I Stopped Believing in Myself': Game Developers Share the Human Impact of Over a Year

Mass layoffs happen for all kinds of reasons, be it because of a bad financial bet, a failed game, a deal falling through, poor planning, or any number of other things.

BrainSyphoned2h ago

Fuck these people. They made way too much money and deserved to be laid off. Lie in a gutter or go fucking work a retail job.

"Both times I felt incredibly gutted," one person said. "The first time, it felt like a reality of capitalism that I was expecting, but the second being so close to the first, it was like, 'We really are just cogs in the machine.'"

SegaSaturn6691h ago

Layoffs happen all the time, nobody is immune, im sure their expertise will come in handy as sandwich artists.

Popsicle1h ago

Serious question, why are you angry at these people?

jznrpg1h ago

Being a cog in a machine is almost every job in a corporate workplace.

ShwaaMan1h ago

The f*** is the matter with the comments on here? What the f*** is the matter with you people?
Stop excusing everything away because “capitalism”. It’s the same bs when you people say “it’s just business it’s not personal”.

Like, somehow saying this quote excuses every bad behavior in the world when at its core this phrase is just your excuse for being a big piece of s*** because “money” is your God. I am so sick of listening to you a**holes come on comment sections acting like everyone else is stupid besides you. We ALL get it dips***s, it doesn’t make it better and it sure as hell STILL doesn’t make sense. Why don’t you people have any compassion? Are you sociopaths? Is that too big of a word for you?

Popsicle1h ago

I believe it goes back to the old cliche of “misery loves company.” The lack of compassion is most likely coming from those who have not been able to find “success” or are generally unfulfilled. It makes them feel better when they see someone experiencing hardship or a lack of success. It’s sad and unfortunately part of the human condition.

ShwaaMan1h ago

This is absolutely 100%
Thanks for sharing, it’s early morning and I clicked on the article and I see 3/3 comments excusing this away and just being plain old fashioned A holes about it and it ticked me off. I digress.


PlayStation cloud streaming vs Microsoft xCloud

Digital foundry doing comparisons of Playstation streaming vs Xbox's cloud streaming. Come see the results.

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shinoff218321h ago

Even though I'm not interested in streaming what so ever. I found this interesting.

crazyCoconuts20h ago

PS wiping the floor with Xbox even in the streaming department? I guess Azure wasn't as much of an advantage as some thought...

ThinkThink20h ago

"Wiping the floor"? You watched the same video I did?

Einhander197219h ago(Edited 19h ago)


"That brings us to the next crucial point: how PS Plus Cloud compares to Microsoft's Xbox Cloud Gaming. The service is still technically in beta, but it's been this way for years and is offered as an Xbox Game Pass perk on the Ultimate subscription. It's a fair point of comparison in this respect but, to be blunt, the Xbox cloud offering simply does not compete with the PS+ Premium service from a technological perspective, for a multitude of reasons."

"In image quality, for example, it's significantly worse, with a maximum 1080p resolution video stream against 4K on PlayStation. The bitrate is also visibly lower in step with that resolution target, something that's evident in just about every game we tested. A Plague Tale Requiem, compared running in its 60fps mode across PS5, PS+ Cloud and Xbox Cloud Gaming (image comparison further down this page), shows just how far Microsoft is behind here."

"There's an extra twist to this too. Not only is the video stream lower quality on Xbox's cloud gaming service, but users are being served the Xbox Series S versions of each game I tested - despite confirmation from Microsoft that xCloud datacentres are built on Series X silicon."

"Speaking of value, the cost of each has to be mentioned too. The PlayStaion Plus Premium tier costs £13.50/$18 per month or at a slight discount for £120/$160 a year. For that you currently get 851 games available to stream right away, 201 of which are PS5 titles. The catalogue varies by region too, but it's an impressive number. And as a bonus, specific additional PS5 titles are available for cloud streaming if you happen to have bought them through the PlayStation store already, such as Cyberpunk 2077. By comparison Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, the tier that includes streaming, costs a similar £13/$17 a month. In exchange, you get access to 402 cloud-ready games overall, including 225 for Series X/S."

helicoptergirl12h ago

I would not say 'wiping the floor'. But it seems the PS cloud streaming is just better at this point in time.

just_looken9h ago

Na this is one sided to me makes 0 sense buying a ps5 to play ps5 games on stream service.

With xbox you can stream on any device even android tv's with a controller.

They are comparing ps5 console streaming ps5 games vs a series x streaming xbox games on a remote xbox one s.

How about ps app android streaming vs xbox app android streaming no ps5 like a sane person would.

crazyCoconuts7h ago

@jlookin, this article is comparing streaming quality between the services, not about whether you like streaming from a console or not.

RaiderNation4h ago(Edited 4h ago)

Either way who cares. Cloud streaming sucks regardless and I want no part of it.

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shinoff21838h ago

Sorry about the video yall. I've never had to embed anything so I'm trying to figure it out.

ocelot0719h ago

That's actually fairly surprising. I had to rely on both Xbox cloud and PSN now a few months ago and both worked really well and didn't really notice any difference in them. Maybe that's because I streamed to a phone I really don't know.

ApocalypseShadow18h ago

Lol. Yeah. I think it was because you were streaming to a phone.