Three Terabytes (3,000 Gigabytes) on a CD-R?!

Yes, three-holy-terabytes (3,000-gigabytes) of data on an optical disc the size of our regular CD-R might just be possible soon! Harvard researchers have developed an "optical nano antenna" which helps focus light from an inexpensive laser onto a spot size of 40-nanometers.

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Silver3604989d ago

this will kill blue ray and hd dvd. cheaper and holds more data than either could hope for. or maybe they could use it on the other players.

Sexius Maximus4989d ago

Between this and holographic discs, there won't be a hd-dvd/blu-ray winner. This is fairly old news however.

specialguest4989d ago (Edited 4989d ago )

what made you even consider halographic disc anyway? halographic disc is way too expensive and will never be the HD-DVD/Blu-ray killer.

Happy Hippo4989d ago

..when you use this technology on a Bluray/HD-dvd player. if it can store 3 terabyte on a cd, imagine what it could store on a BD/HD-Dvd disk. but who the hell need that much space anyway, you could probably store all film ever made on such thing, and then again you can never get enough :P

calderra4989d ago

Er, you're kind of missing the point. I'm sure there could be an increase, but for the consumer market there's still absolutely no reason 3TB would ever be necessary.

Think about that- 3,000GB of information. It'll take at least a decade for anyone outside of Google-size databases to need this technology.

DEIx15x84988d ago

I have 1.5 TB of data and no free room to create new stuff.

tom15954989d ago

would the power usage be extremely high?

Marty83704988d ago

These CDR's would cost way too much.These arn't even out of prototype stage.These must be a good 3-5 years off.These will never kill either Blu-ray or HD-DVD any time soon.