Crunchyroll PS3 app gets 720p support

At the end of July, the anime and Asian drama video streaming site Crunchyroll launched an app for PlayStation 3. While their full catalog, including simulcasts, was available at launch, one of the most requested features was missing: high-definition streaming. When the app was first announced, Crunchyroll stated 720p/1080p support would come later in 2012.

Last night, Crunchyroll at last updated their PS3 app to support 720p streams of shows if available. Previously, the maximum resolution Crunchyroll's programming could stream at was 480p. On their website, shows are able to get up to 1080p resolution, so an eventual update to allow full HD on the PS3 app is possible.

The Crunchyroll PS3 app requires a Premium membership. A 30-day free trial is being offered to PS3 app users. A Crunchyroll app for the PS Vita is in the works as well for release later this year.

black9114063d ago

I'm Hungry For More Crunchyroll Updates!

b163o14063d ago

I prefer NeonAlley over Crunchyroll, no subtitles. Over difference is NeonAlley is a actual channel meaning you can't dictate what you watch, took some getting use to but I like it.

Saturne34063d ago

It lacks many good animes like One Piece and Dragon Ball.

ThanatosDMC4063d ago

Yibis for One Piece. Youtube for all Dragon Ball, Z , and GT episodes.

kingPoS4063d ago (Edited 4063d ago )

Crunchyroll got me hooked on k-drama. lol
I like how they show you the raw facts that others shows overlook or sugarcoat, or that plot isn't immediately clear. My first k-drama happened to be Me too flower. (and what a delicious hook it was)


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Snookies1222d ago

Ehh, phone games... I very rarely have interest in one, and even when I do I usually uninstall it a week or two later.

jznrpg21d ago

Netflix has mobile games and no interest from me. Same here


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