TGL Review: LittleBigPlanet Vita

"LBP Vita is not as revolutionary as LBP 2, but there’s a lot to be said for the relevance of refinement over revolution. LBP Vita is the best LBP game yet and stands as one of Vita’s best to boot. If you’ve got a Vita, you have to buy this. It’s handheld perfection."

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Cam9772974d ago

Vita's Christmas blockbuster? Oh yeaaah!

remanutd552974d ago

LBP vita is by far my vita GOTY 2012. Excellent job they did on the game.

NastyLeftHook02974d ago

yeah i know, everything about this game is smooth and there are tons of options!

shammgod2974d ago

Grabbing this for the October spend $100 get $20 deal on psn. What other vita games should I grab? I am hoping Ragnarok Odyssey is day 1 digital, but don't think it will be so I will miss the October deadline

GraveLord2974d ago

Every single Vita game is Day 1's been like that since Day 1.

shammgod2974d ago

Sweet! Love to hear that!

metsgaming2974d ago (Edited 2974d ago )

you should get uncharted golden abyss and wipeout 2048 if you dont have them, sooooo good.

shammgod2974d ago

Noted. Uncharted is definitely on my list. I am just getting my vita when the AC liberation bundle comes out and to be honest, vita has games! I already have a back log!

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