Nintendo Hints at 1080° Snowboarding on Wii Using Wii Fit Balance Board

The latest Iwata Asks series of interviews looks at Wii Fit. In it, Shigeru Miyamoto hints that he could be the one to make "1080 Balance Boarding" on Wii, which would obviously support the Wii Fit Balance Board.

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Mr_Kuwabara3904d ago

Wow that game is a classic.

wiizy3904d ago

im sure they are already working on it. they need to make wave race too.

l Drop Dead Ed l3904d ago

He better not change anything about the general layout by putting mario's and peach's and link's all over the place. hmmmmmmmmmmmm...oh man i smell it a mile away! Please NO!!!!!!!!!

l Drop Dead Ed l3904d ago

oh yeah does anyone remember what that guy said if you didn't pass the stage or complete it, I totally forgot but remember quoting that line so much!

mighty_douche3904d ago

im starting to develop blisters again just thinking about 1080.

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