Eurogamer bans booth babes from future Expos

The MD of Eurogamer has stated that booth babes will be banned from future Eurogamer Expo events.

The issue was thrust into the spotlight over the weekend when concerns were raised over the presence of Virgin Gaming booth babes at last week’s well received Eurogamer Expo. Each had a QR code printed on one of their buttocks.

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jc485733019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

imagine if Booth babes dressed more appropriately. More or so in the form of video game characters. nothing wrong with showing skin, but can at least cosplay a character "correctly." Some Helena Harpers would help. Oh...and that girl from Code Princess....but Nintendo wouldn't allow it huh?

MrWendell3019d ago

It could've just been a bit more egalitarian with whose dressing up. I agree that at the moment it does look like a seventies car-showroom which is really alienating to any women trying to find their way into the gaming industry.

Cosplay is a better idea all round though as this means more colour too and it's also more in keeping with the overall tone, (and there will also inevitably be skin with this as well).

jc485733019d ago

companies probably think being creative cost money, so they always go with the cheap skimpy outfits.