Happy Wars Launches on Xbox 360

Toylogic Inc. has today launched the highly anticipated Happy Wars, a new free-to-play videogame for Xbox LIVE Arcade. Available now for all Xbox LIVE Gold Members to download, Happy Wars offers a brand new stage in the evolution of console gaming all wrapped-up in a twee, cartoonish package.

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3-4-52975d ago

It's not up for download yet. I just tried to download it and it only takes you to the ratings screen.

3-4-52974d ago

Played it for a few hours. This game is really fun. Best Free to play game I've ever played.

ShadowKingx2975d ago

this is not a bad game for being free to play. the only things i hate it seems like everytime i play it takes forever just to be able to play.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF2975d ago

Wasn't feeling it. Too much going on all over the place. Not enough of a feeling like you yourself are making a difference. It's just an all out hectic war.

negroguy2975d ago

Makes me want to start playing Fat Princess again. Although this one looks to be deeper in the customization and items.