A bit more of Most Wanted VITA gameplay

Youtube user called randomwithabomb uploaded another video of Most Wanted PS VITA gameplay. Check it out.

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mafiahajeri3511d ago

I'm completely dumbfounded on why vita games get no coverage at all I'm not gonna buy your game without seeing it extensively so quit messing around and release gameplay so I can actually be hyped or screw your games tbh

Blaze9293511d ago

..i hope that video embeded wasn't the whole, like - reason on clicking this.

DoomeDx3511d ago

Longer video :)
No n4g, this aint spam!
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HebrewHammer3511d ago

So we have a total of two videos, coming in at 28 seconds and are extremely low quality.


Vitalogy3511d ago

This guy has already released another video previously around 1min. youtube it ;)

topgeareasy3511d ago

the other one is only 23 secs

beerkeg3511d ago

That must have took ages to upload.

mcstorm3511d ago

I dont think this game will be a system seller for the psv. Im hoping sony market the crap out of lbp vita lbp karting and playstation all stars they are games that will help getpeople interested in the psv.

Should also be interesting to see how the 360 version of this game dose compaired to forza horizon as i was really impressed with the demo.

Aggesan3511d ago

Execpt lbp karting isn't comming to vita :/

mcstorm3511d ago

Really? I though it was out for both not happy now as it was the PSV I wanted it for. ;-(

chasegarcia3511d ago

to whomever uploaded this.


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The story is too old to be commented.