OXM UK Nov. Preview

Gamer PS3Wii60 just got in his OXM UK for Novemember. In it is a Splinter Cell: Double Agent review. While he doesn't spill the beans on a lot of details of the review, listed are the pros/cons & review score.

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rj815911d ago

Good to see Splinter Cell received a 9/10... I'm really, really looking forward to it!

TheXgamerLive5911d ago (Edited 5911d ago )

I'd say a 9 is selling it a bit short w/it's unique and advanced game play. From my assumption, I'd give it a 9.7 out of 10 atleast. Game play may change that score but that's my review as of now. Awesome Title. Innovative.

One other thing, shouldn't a gamer that calls themselves called ps360wii, this way all 3 big names are mention, the other way sony and nintendo does but XBOX 360 just gets a 60. I mean it flows the names better, common sense but het who ever said people use there common sence in these things.

Ok, now back to more important matters. lol.