Marvel vs. Capcom: Origins Review - PSLS

Marvel vs. Capcom: Origins is a PSN title that is a bundle of two classic fighting games rolled together in a very neat package. It is easy to see from the outset that Capcom is releasing this package as a way for fans to relive the feeling they once had in the arcades, when Capcom was dominating the fighting scene with Marvel Super Heroes and Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes. Yet as time has passed, do these titles show just why the arcade scene died out, or are they able help us revisit the golden days in a modern way?

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knifefight2970d ago

So many fighting games these days, hard to keep up with all of them.

doctorstrange2970d ago

and even harder when they re-release stuff

Foolsjoker2970d ago

Yeah, releasing old versions of games that we have improved upon always confuses me.

3-4-52970d ago

wasn't the case a few years ago. They are back, but they haven't added anything.

dbjj120882970d ago

I much prefer MvC2 to 3. Can't stand 3's roster.